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Welcome to the spec! Whether this is one of your first times on the Discworld MUD, or you are well aware how the world works, but you're new to the Hashishim, this should hopefully be a place to get just some nuggets of advice.

First, if you need something, ask on the channel. We do our best to look out for each other.

We know how important it is to get a good start, so let us (in particular your administration and Leyan) know if you need the basics: a pack, weapons, scabbards for the weapons, turban, talker, light source, climbing gear, a cooling or warming cloak. There's often a lot of stuff in the newbie chest, and feel free to take whatever you need (but please don't take anything to sell--if you need money that badly, ask us!).

Around the guild

Spend some time listening to the NPCs different stories. Look at paintings, at hangings, at whatever you can find. Explore the ventilation shafts (but be careful, since you can hurt yourself really badly if you fall down one of them, maybe even die). We have a lot of secret rooms among our caves, and it's worth it to explore to find them.


Now, before I go into this, I want to say that there are valid playstyles that don't follow these guidelines. If you know what you're doing, then feel free to ignore every word in this section, but if you're needing a bit of help, this should hopefully come in handy.

  • To get around the guild, you should get your **adventure.climbing.rock** up to 75. That will also open up for a few of the quests around Djelibeybi.
  • A bit surprising: get your **people.culture.djelian** up to the max from the guild, because once you have a bit of spare money you can go to Urban Pturban's and get a lesson in turban tying. This'll give you a bit more, and it's a useful skill in some quests
  • Outside of primaries, get **adventure.health** up to at least 60, though if you have the patience: getting more than 2000HP is another good guideline. Also get perception, evasion and the acrobatics skills up to 60
  • Get Backstab and Snatch. Snatch is generally not that good (since we don't have stealing as a primary), but by maxing stealing out from the guild, you'll get a good start on … (censored due to spoilers, ask ;)

XP & Money