Harmony Stardancer's Magical Shoppe

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Harmony Stardancer's Magical Shoppe is a small, dark place covered with black velvet dealing in occult jewellery and witchy paraphernalia on Treacle Street in south-east Ankh-Morpork.

Items for sale

The following items are for sale:
   A: a large hag stone for A$2 (one left).
   B: an ankhstone for A$5 (three left).
   C: a broom sticker for A$1 (ten left).
   D: blank broom sticker for A$1 (five left).
   E: a crystal ball for A$100 (one left).
   F: a deck of caroc cards for A$3.75 (two left).
   G: a white handled ceremonial bronze knife for A$2.50 (two left).
   H: a black handled ceremonial bronze knife for A$2.50 (three left).
   I: a dark red candle for 12p (eleven left).
   J: a silver grail for A$15 (three left).
   K: a mummified bat for A$1 (one left).
   L: a bunch of astronip for A$1.25 (one left).
   M: an occult gold ring for A$7.50 (two left).
   N: an occult snake earring for A$4 (five left).
   O: an occult gold medallion for A$25 (two left).
   P: an occult skull brooch for A$3.75 (one left).
   Q: an occult cat earring for A$6.25 (four left).
   R: an occult silver ring for A$2.50 (five left).
   S: an occult bronze ring for 50p (eight left).
   T: an occult silver medallion for A$10 (six left).
   U: an occult bronze medallion for A$2.50 (five left).
   V: an occult raven necklace for A$6.25 (one left).
   W: an occult bat brooch for A$25 (one left).