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Creature Tanning Info
Creature information
Group Type I Mammal
Group Type II Lagomorpha
Aggressive No
Pursues No
Special Harvest None
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Creature information
Skin Type Pelt
Size 1' x 1' (most)
1.5' x 1' (Hubland Forest)
Weight (fresh) 3 lbs
Weight (tanned) 1 lbs


Adjectives (i.e., "green" or "fluffy") not included

  • Hare


--Cities and Towns--

  • None


  • Counterweight Continent - Mountians, Moorland/Tundra, Glacier
  • Lower Ramtops - Forest
  • Hublands - Forest, Moodlands, Mountains, Icelands
  • Sto Plains - Carrock/Morpork Mountains


Descriptions are example(s) from a single individual. Variations may be numerous, and dependent upon species, gender, age, location, and other variables.

Hare (CWC, Lower Ramtops, Hublands)

What at first sight looks like a ball of fluff, at second sight resolves itself into a hare. He is mostly white, with dark-tipped extremities. His long ears dangle disconsolately.

  • Alignment: 3-4 degrees of good

Hare (Sto Plains)

It is said that the white hare is the spirit of a beautiful, broken-hearted maiden who has lost her love and is condemned to search for him (or her - sources do not relate) across the mountains for all eternity. If this is so, this maiden had very long ears and an irrepressible appetite for sex - which rather casts doubts on the "maiden" supposition.

  • Alignment: Neutral


  • No special uses

Special Notes

  • No extra note


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