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Guild teachers are guild NPCs that teach skills, spells, commands, or other learnable aspects. Advancing skills from a guild teacher is the cheapest method with respect to XP spent, however a monetary cost is also involved. Skills can only be learned up to a certain level from guild teachers. Guild or specialisation primaries are taught to level 300. Once players have achieved guild-max in a skill, they must seek out player teachers.

For a list, see Category:Guild teachers

Advancing within your guild is the second cheapest in terms of XP cost after taskmaster skill increases, and costs &&&&&&&&&&&+5000 A$12.50 (or local equivalent) per 100k XP spent.


In order to advance, players must have both the experience and local currency. Speaking the language is not necessary.


To preview the XP required by the guild to advance in a certain skill, players can use the cost command. This command is generally available throughout a guild area, seemingly bound to the room rather than the guild teacher.


Advance is the command to increase your skill, either by a specified amount or to a particular level. This command is generally available through a singular guild NPC - not throughout an entire guild hall. If you lack the XP or money, the skill will be learned as far as both resources allow.


Players are discouraged from attacking guild NPCs as:

  • They provide a useful service to that guild.
  • They give no XP.
  • Some are exceptionally powerful, and likely to kill attackers.
  • Guilds may institute sanctions against those who kill their teachers.

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