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Apples are a kind of fruit used especially for witch-related business. Of course you can also just eat them.


  • Blackglass Peachface
  • Bright red, poisoned
  • Gammer Smith
  • Golden Disagreeable
  • Green Billet (poisonous)
  • Lancre Blackheart
  • Nanny Ogg
  • Red
  • Toffee apple
  • Black apple


Apples can be used as follows:


Generally fruit shops all over the Disc sell apples.

There is a basket of poisoned apples in the gingerbread cottage in Skund forest near Hillshire.

Apples can be gathered all year round in various places:

Finally, up to ten toffee apples can be created at a time with Wurphle's Midnight Snack.