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The Green Slab (often referred to as simply the Slab) is an in-game player-run newspaper. It can be purchased and read as an item in the game and also read on the website after purchasing. The Green Slab is based in Bes Pelargic and is currently owned by Asha. The Slab is known for publishing fictional and fabricated stories and news, and doesn't take anything too seriously.

Regular Columns

  • Agatean Whispers by Wun Divine Grape
  • The Masked Slab
  • Pumpkin Patch by Llylia
  • Startalk by Phabian
  • Meet Gapp! by Yu Dres
  • Restaurant Review by Ancient Elanor the Wise
  • The Talker Never Lies by The King of Quotes
  • Recent Spell Research by The Faculty

History and Structure

The Slab is currently owned by Asha with Llylia as the named editors. The Slab has regular reporters and columnists but also accepts some freelance work. As well as reporters, typesetters may be hired by the owner to format and typo-check articles.

Previous editors and owners include:

  • Aell
  • Andrew
  • Araltaln
  • Elistan
  • Flamore
  • Warrax
  • Ibblek
  • jasmin

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