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Grabble Jones can be found with his brother in Sto Lat, in their shop on High Street. He is not confined to a particular area. He deals in stone and can fit floors, walls, and ceilings for player houses and player shops.

The end result seems to differ depending on what you choose: a surface may be "made of <material>", "lined with <material>", "built of <material>", "laid with <material>", and so on.

Covering Price Appearance
Apricot sandstone &&&&&&&&&&+10000 A$25 made of
Black limestone &&&&&&&&&&+11200 A$28 made of
Black stone &&&&&&&&&&&+8000 A$20 built of
Blocks of granite &&&&&&&&&&+16000 A$40 lined with
Blue-black brick &&&&&&&&&&&+7200 A$18 laid with
Blue-grey marble &&&&&&&&&&+24000 A$60 lined with
Bluestone &&&&&&&&&&+12000 A$30 built of
Bronzed brick &&&&&&&&&&&+7200 A$18
Brown brick &&&&&&&&&&&+5600 A$14
Burnt orange sandstone &&&&&&&&&&+12000 A$30
Chiselled granite &&&&&&&&&&+18000 A$45 lined with
Coal black stone &&&&&&&&&&+14000 A$35
Coal-black brick &&&&&&&&&&&+7200 A$18
Coral red stone &&&&&&&&&&+12000 A$30
Corn yellow sandstone &&&&&&&&&&+12000 A$30
Creamy sandstone &&&&&&&&&&&+8000 A$20
Creamy white brick &&&&&&&&&&&+4800 A$12
Dark red brick &&&&&&&&&&&&+400 A$1 laid with
Dark gold sandstone &&&&&&&&&&+12000 A$30
Desert sand brick &&&&&&&&&&&+6000 A$15
Dusty white brick &&&&&&&&&&&+6000 A$15
Dark yellow sandstone &&&&&&&&&&+12000 A$30
Glittering granite &&&&&&&&&&+22000 A$55 lined with
Glossy black stone &&&&&&&&&&+14000 A$35 built of
Greasy black brick &&&&&&&&&&&+4000 A$10
Green-black marble &&&&&&&&&&+24000 A$60
Grey brick &&&&&&&&&&&+4800 A$12
Grey slate &&&&&&&&&&&+7200 A$18 slabs of
Greystone &&&&&&&&&&+12000 A$30
Hollowed-out grey stone &&&&&&&&&&&+5200 A$13 built of
Leg-bones and skulls &&&&&&&&&&+34000 A$85 made of a grisly yet morbidly admirable structure of leg-bones and skulls
Maple-red brick &&&&&&&&&&&+7200 A$18
Mud-brick &&&&&&&&&&&+3200 A$8
Mud-brick and straw &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 A$5 built of
Orange brick &&&&&&&&&&&+6000 A$15
Pale gold brick &&&&&&&&&&&+7200 A$18
Pink marble &&&&&&&&&&+24000 A$60 lined with
Plaster-dribbled brick &&&&&&&&&&&+4000 A$10
Polished granite &&&&&&&&&&+20000 A$50 lined with
Raw, hacked stone &&&&&&&&&&&+7200 A$18 built of
Red brick &&&&&&&&&&&+6000 A$15
Red marble &&&&&&&&&&+24000 A$60
Red stone &&&&&&&&&&+10000 A$25
Red-brown brick &&&&&&&&&&&+7200 A$18
Rose white brick &&&&&&&&&&&+6000 A$15
Rosy pink limestone &&&&&&&&&&+14000 A$35 made of
Rough granite &&&&&&&&&&+16000 A$40 lined with
Rough-cut limestone &&&&&&&&&&+10000 A$25 made of
Rust brown stone &&&&&&&&&&+10000 A$25
Sanded stone &&&&&&&&&&&+8000 A$20 built of
Sandy brick &&&&&&&&&&&+4000 A$10
Slabs of sandstone &&&&&&&&&&+10000 A$25 made of
Soft grey marble &&&&&&&&&&+24000 A$60 lined with
Straw and tar &&&&&&&&&&&+3200 A$8 built of
Terracotta brick &&&&&&&&&&&+7200 A$18
White limestone &&&&&&&&&&+12000 A$30
White marble &&&&&&&&&&+24000 A$60 lined with