Gennie Applebottom's cottage

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Gennie Applebottom's cottage is off Dione Street in Ankh-Morpork, and is a common stop for wet hennes.


Only Gennie is at her cottage, which feature a fireplace, a cellar and a conservatory.


  • Gennie can provide wet hennes with a taliswoman if asked nicely, which will teleport them to Bad Ass and back.
  • The cottage has a Witches Guild bulletin board.
  • Potions can be brewed over the fireplace in the main room.


The cellar is guarded by a ferocious heavy trapdoor that keeps out all non-witches like the backdoor in Hilta Goatfounder's stall.

  • There is a grinder in the cellar.
  • A well and pump in the cellar provide a water supply.


The conservatory has various components:

Other items of interest

  • There are some bottles on the shelf in the cellar.