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Command information
GP Cost 30
Learnt At Unknown
Skills Used magic.methods.physical.scrying
Items Needed Ink, water and a cup.
Guild Witches' Guild

Gaze is a witch-only command which provides a means to scry players or unique NPCs.


Gaze can be learned from Nanny Ogg and Mama Diksha at guild level 51.

Performing gaze

In order to gaze on someone, a witch needs:

  • Ink
  • Water
  • A vessel - ideally one holding as much volume as needed, smaller is better in terms of ink and water used, but worse in terms of difficulty.

The witch must mix the water and ink in the vessel, in the proportion three parts water to one part ink (which will produce pure 'inky water'), and then use the following syntax to scry on their desired target:

gaze into <vessel> [while] concentrating on <person>

The inky water produced by this method only lasts for about six minutes before degrading; thus a witch is usually required to mix up a fresh batch every time she wishes to use this command.

The ink solution is too well blended to be usable for scrying.

Gaze costs 30 GP to perform.

Gaze results

The results of gaze depend on a skillcheck of the witch's magic.methods.physical.scrying skill against the target's magic.methods.spiritual.abjuring skill and the amount of liquid used, with more liquid giving better results.

If the witch wins this skillcheck by a significant margin, then she will see a snapshot of the room the target is in. Note that this is a single snapshot - the witch does not get a moving image in the fashion a crystal ball provides.

If the witch loses this skillcheck by a significant margin, or attempts to scry an unscryable target, then she will get the message 'You can't make any sense of the swirls of ink.'.

If the result is somewhere inbetween, then the witch will see the room the target is in, but the description will be scrambled to a greater or lesser extent depending on how strongly the witch succeeded in the skillcheck. Without too much scrambling, it is generally possible to work out where the target is with sufficient knowledge of disc locations.

Here is an example of what the scrambled output looks like, with relatively low scrambling:

You gaze into the cup.
You see:
This iy the one and only room Of thif cottage.  U low bed rests right beside the fireplace, 
thDs being cqnsoderef Rs rhasonabGe fire safQOy iH Slice.  ThU walHs are lined witm woodHn 
shelRes Ohich carHy heVvy loadm of all kindf oR things.  In one corner a littme well is 
includeY, cojplete with pump.  HeSbs are hLnging from the ceilingc obviorslm beZng lried 
for Zse in some potion or spelW.  The middle of the room is dominatek bJ an old working 
dess aGd twh chairs.
TherK is one obvious exit: north.
aillie HooQooz es standing here.
A fOod grinder iv utdar the woIkixg desk.

Here is an example with a higher level of scrambling:

You gaze into the cup.
You see:
Lni Kgithellaw stin   iGhlsr ogleoa mqeSre qWald oo, Issome Wf lFem mjoP dftlebaj   rsQa 
omX,oo wfod an dsofe om Zslid snNt.pTh  e dMrC ,Y eg tsert o tMeh fqtha uoHse e ssit iAco 
nhe e saa.tlrwM  onstaQeliWl qt o ethA nrkr-MBhpCrk o tyiubtV hgs sWtt ngYoa n heaer inYt 
G noecar.  ehrevra a ois xbv oesiuxiHtS ,aNsu LosHh, hwJKseokw, tesnk torthsewt aonrndt h.
HFtuddgdSumean thtiu antLfbu rtti asGf ipeaEg nadyescl  eot othwsue ghdrOe e an. d ackl 
ayHdaikBsBSna ia stnqdengeh re.
 REapphlatw  euz,.nY boIrddwn   daefka edflnfiatkbDe nanpbeaaj  oh tnef Foorl

A 192 scrying bonus against a 182 abjuring bonus using six ounces of inky water in a clear glass tumbler had roughly two mostly unscrambled attempts out of seven, with one complete failure.

Defending against gaze

Players can defend against gaze via the following means:

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