Gammer Nudity's cottage

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Mad Gammer Nudity's cottage is in Razorback, on the west side of the bridge. While it looks like a normal thatched cottage from the outside, the inside is made of padded walls to protect Mad Gammer Nudity from hurting herself, with a fireplace huddling in the corner.


The following NPCs are to be found at Gammer Nudity's cottage:

  • Mad Gammer Nudity's primary occupations are getting crazier, dribbling and teaching ogling, as time permits, all from her padded room.
  • Smudge the puppy lives in the cottage, sometimes retreating to the small hole he dug out in the wall to be safe from harm.


The following facilities are available at Gammer Nudity's cottage:

  • The fireplace in the cottage works for brewing tea.