Energy tea

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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains spoilers about teas also known as potions.
Energy tea
Potion information
Other names GP tea
Effect Fast guild points regeneration.
Brewed yes
Glance glistening yellow potion
Look This is a glistening yellow potion, a large pile.
borage ... ginger ... coffee grounds or liquid black coffee
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  • Upon drinking, energy tea has three immediate effects:
    • It instantly restores an amount of GP proportional to the brewer's brewing bonus.
    • It raises the drinker's maximum GP by an amount proportional to the brewer's brewing bonus.
    • It may poison the drinker.
  • Typical amounts for both GP effects are in the range 100 - 200 GP.
  • Witches often counteract the poison effect by mixing energy tea with antivenom.
  • The maximum GP boost lasts for a period of time proportional to the brewer's brewing bonus - typically between 3 and 5 minutes.
  • Once the boost wears off, the drinker will immediately lose an amount of GP equal to that which they initially gained.
  • Additionally, there is a chance at this point that the drinker will also suffer a one point penalty to their intelligence stat, which will last for 10 - 20 minutes.
  • The drinker's GP cannot be brought below zero as a result of the GP drain (it is reduced to zero instead), however, draining to zero GP increases the chance that the above stat drain will occur.


Ingredient 1:

A good companion to tomatoes.
Has a cucumber-like taste.
Flowers are most often blue.

Ingredient 2:

Originated from the tropical rainforest.
It produces a hot, fragrant spice.
The rhizome is of interest.

Ingredient 3:

Taken in the morning or at night, but there is an issue for the latter.
Can be found ground or liquid.
The beans can keep you up all night.


It's density can be lower as a solid than as a liquid.

Ethel Applebaum says:

Ethel Applebaum says: A potion with borage and ginger makes for a very refreshing tea...  I think it was tea, at any rate.  I forget.


1. grind borage (ground borage)
2. grind ginger (ground ginger)
3. grind coffee beans (coffee grounds) (or get liquid black coffee)
3.1 dry the ground coffee if not using it immediately (dried coffee grounds)
4. mix ground borage with water (sickly green tea)
5. add ground ginger (bright yellow-green tea)
6. add coffee grounds or liquid black coffee (cloudy yellow tea)
7. brew (glistening yellow potion)