Furoshiki cloth

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A furoshiki cloth can be wrapped around object(s) to make a present. They can be marbled.


The furoshiki cloths are sold in the craft room of the Ninja guild. They come in silk and cotton variety:

This is a <type> furoshiki cloth, perfect for wrapping presents in.

Only Ninja and other assassins permitted to use the facilities can make the purchase.


The furoshiki cloth can be wrapped around one or more objects which produces a present that can later be opened to recover the cloth and the object(s) within.

This allows grouping objects, even those too big to enter traditional containers.

Wrapping uses 10 crafts gp for any number of objects wrapped.

wrap <object> in <cloth>    Wrap an object in the cloth.

The present obtained looks like this:

<a/an> <adjective> wrapped present

This present has been <adjective> wrapped in a <type> furoshiki cloth and finished off with <a/an> <knot>.  It could be unwrapped to reveal the gift inside.

Higher bonuses allow better adjectives.

<adjective> <knot>
carelessly bulky knot
carelessly ugly bow
hastily messy fold
hastily untidy knot
hastily crooked bow
attractively billowing bow
attractively simple bow
attractively billowing knot
attractively elegant knot
expertly double bow
expertly dainty rosebud
expertly elegant butterfly
elegantly beautiful lotus flower
elegantly large dragonfly

Opening the presents does not use gp and returns the original furoshiki cloth and the wrapped objects.