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From her cottage in Razorback, Elmira the witch makes custom clothing to be worn by giant fruitbats summoned by Witches to assist them.

Elmira is standing here.

This woman wears a perpetually bewildered look upon her face, except when she's cooing over a large, fuzzy, fruitbat.  Unfortunately the little blighters don't always return her affection, hence her face and arms have a large number of claw and bite marks.  Her short black hair is in eternal disarray, and her pale blue eyes look somewhat unfocused.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
You can't help but notice thirty warts upon her face.
Holding : a long, thin needle (left hand).
Wearing : a pair of peach pumps, a pink shimmery skirt and a ripped shirt.


You can start ordering by saying 'buy'.

Elmira says to you: I will need to ask you a few questions about the clothing you'd like to order. You can ask me to stop at any time.


Elmira says: Choose a category to pick the item of clothing from.

accessories full body lower body outerwear undergarments upper body


ascot bandana belt beret bobble hat bonnet
booties boots bow tie bucket top boots cap collar
cowboy hat cravat cummerbund eyepatch fedora fez
flea collar garter mask pet collar sash scarf
shoes slippers socks sombrero spurs stocking cap
stockings stole suit tie tricorn hat wing cosies

Full Body

dress frock gown lab coat robe tuxedo

Lower Body

apron breeches britches hose jodhpurs leggings
miniskirt overskirt pantaloons petticoat pinafore shorts
skirt slacks smock trousers underskirt


cape cloak coat doublet jacket jerkin
overcoat parka tabard trench coat


bloomers boxer shorts bra brassiere camisole chemise
corset drawers girdle knickers loincloth long johns
nightdress nightgown panties partlet thong undershirt

Upper Body

blouse bodice shirt tunic vest waistcoat


Elmira asks: What kind of material should it be made of?

cotton fur leather plant-fibre silk wool

Elmira asks: What kind of material do you want, more precisely?


batik batiste broadcloth chenille corduroy cotton
denim dotted quirm lawn organdy pique seersucker
terry cloth twill voile


beaver fur cat fur dog fur ermine fur fruitbat fur fur
leopard fur lion fur mink fur rabbit fur rat fur vermine fur
yeti fur


alligatorskin ambiguous puzumaskin basiliskhide camelskin chimerahide cowhide
deerskin dragonhide frogskin fruitbathide goatskin horsehide
lambskin leather reindeerhide snakeskin


canvas hemp hessian linen


charmeuse chiffon damask silk dupioni four-ply gauze
gossamer silk habutai lace noil organza satin
silk spider silk taffeta velvet


angora cashmere felt flannel
gabardine tweed wool


Elmira asks: Would you like the item to be designed in a specific style?

aerodynamic bat beggar bird classic flying
fruitbat gothic pirate slave vampire vampire bat
witch none


Elmira asks: What colour would you like this item to be in?

almond coloured apple red apricot coloured aquamarine avocado green
azure beige black blackberry coloured blood red
blue blue green blue grey blue violet bone coloured
brick red bright blue bright green bright grey bright orange
bright pink bright purple bright red bright white bright yellow
bronze coloured brown burgundy burnt sienna burnt umber
cabbage green caramel coloured carnation pink cerise cerulean
charcoal grey chartreuse chestnut coloured chocolate brown coffee brown
copper coloured cornflower blue cranberry red cream crimson
cyan dark blue dark brown dark green dark grey
dark orange dark purple dark red dark yellow deep blue
dove grey emerald green flame coloured forest green foxglove purple
fuchsia coloured gold coloured goldenrod yellow grass green green
green blue green yellow grey honey coloured ice blue
indigo ink coloured ivory ivy green jade green
jet black khaki lavender lemon yellow light blue
light brown light green light grey light orange light purple
light red light rose light yellow lime green magenta
mahogany maize yellow marigold coloured maroon melon green
midnight black midnight blue mint green moonlight coloured mulberry coloured
mustard yellow navy blue octarine coloured off-white olive green
orange orange yellow orchid coloured pale blue pale brown
pale green pale grey pale orange pale purple pale red
pale rose pale yellow peach coloured periwinkle blue pewter coloured
pine green pink plum coloured puce purple
raspberry red red red orange red violet robin's egg blue
rose coloured ruby red rust coloured saffron coloured sage green
salmon coloured sapphire blue scarlet sea green seaweed green
sepia shamrock green sienna silver coloured sky blue
slate grey smoke grey snow white spring green tan
tangerine coloured teal thistle green topaz yellow turquoise blue
turquoise coloured umber undyed vermillion violet
violet blue violet red white wine red wisteria coloured
yellow yellow green yellow orange


Elmira asks: What basic type trim would you like?

braid cord glass jewels lace
metal studs ribbon tassels none

Elmira says: Great! I have the following choices for that type of trim.


medium thick thin


medium thick thin

Glass jewels

diamond white emerald green ruby red sapphire blue


medium thick thin

Metal studs

average large skull-and-crossbones shaped small


medium skull-and-crossbones patterned thick thin


average large small

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