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The distribution mudlib is an archive of basic code for a mud from part of the code of Discworld mud at some point in the past.

The information contained within it can therefore provide some information on the code in the distant past.

You need a FluffOS driver (or possibly another driver) to actually run the mudlib.


The link to download the distribution mudlib is on the mud links, click Discworld distribution mudlib.

This currently links to this file.

The dates of the files in the archive indicate that the mudlib was compiled on March 1st 2004 with most files having a modified time of July 29th 2003.


The mudlib allows you to start your very own mud using the FluffOS driver and can eventually be replaced by original content for your own mud.

New releases of FluffOS are announced on the lpmuds.net Drivers forum.

The latest thread at the time of writing is FluffOS-2.20.

The download links for FluffOS lead to two directories here and here (with some mudOS versions).

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