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Fluff is a substance found in many places on the Disc. It its pure form, it comes in balls of various sizes and colours, but there are also various other fluffy items.

Gufnorkians can carry balls of fluff or other fluffy items for a ritual bonus. They get a smaller ritual bonus for being in a room with sufficient fluffy items on the floor.

Fluffy things can also be placed on Gufnork's low altar, which (while consuming them) provides some healing and can change your alignment slightly.

It is also the name of the "happy" in game bulletin board 'fluff'.

Balls of fluff

A ball of fluff can be referred to as a "fluff", or a "ball". In the plural, they are "fluffs", "balls", or "fluves".

Sizes and divisibility

They come in the following sizes:

Size Weight Approximate misc.area bonus range to summon with Summon Fluff[1]
tiny 1/9 lb
small 2/9 lb
sizeable 3/9 lb 155 and under
large 4/9 lb 155 - 272
huge 5/9 lb 266 - 409
enormous 6/9 lb 541

Balls larger than 1/9 lb can be cut with a knife, resulting in smaller pieces. Pieces are at least 1/9 lb, so there's a limit to how many pieces you can cut a fluff into. Doing this results in, for example, "a third of a huge ball of coral red fluff", and not a smaller ball.

Balls larger than 1/9 lb can also be eaten, reducing them by one size category (balls that are 1/9 lb can also be eaten--this makes them disappear).

Pieces of fluves, as well as small fluves gotten by eating larger fluves, retain properties such as consecration, wards, and remembered places.


Performing the Summon Fluff ritual will give you a ball of fluff, the size of which is skill-dependent. Naefela of Gufnork will sometimes perform this ritual when a player enters the room, either giving it to or throwing it at them.

You can also find small fluves by searching the fluff in the Gufnork passage room. They are the same colour and flavour as the fluff the passage room is covered in.


Fluves can be:

Since fluves created with Summon Fluff come pre-consecrated to your deity, they can also be convenient objects to Remember Place with.

Other fluffy things

There are a variety of other things which, while not pure fluff, are nevertheless fluffy.

Item Weight Source (Kefka's) Wearable? Notes
blue fluffy blanket with fluffy bunnies on &&&&+500 5/9 [1] No
fluffy <colour> embroidered chiton &&&+1200 1 3/9 [2] Yes
fluffy bathing suit &&&&+200 2/9 [3] Yes
fluffy beauty bag &&&+1500 1 6/9 [4] Yes (bag) Container
fluffy black bathrobe &&&+1000 1 1/9 [5] Yes Sheathes knives
fluffy blue sofa  ? [6] No Furniture; has chats when sat on, etc.
fluffy bracelet &&&&+100 1/9 [7] yes (bracelet)
fluffy bunny tail &&&&+100 1/9 [8] Yes
fluffy cloak &&&+4500 5 [9] Yes armour
fluffy crinoline &&&&+500 5/9 [10] yes (skirt)
fluffy headband &&&&+500 5/9 [11] yes
fluffy helmet &&&+4000 4 4/9 [12] yes armour
fluffy lip stud &&&&+100 1/9 [13] Yes
fluffy pink towel &&&+2000 2 2/9 [14] Yes (towel)
fluffy silver necklace &&&&+200 2/9 [15] Yes (necklace)
old fluffy spatula &&&+2500 2 7/9 [16] No
pair of black fluffy bed socks &&&&+100 1/9 [17] Yes (feet)
pair of fluffy bathing trunks &&&&+200 2/9 [18] Yes
pair of fluffy bunny ears &&&&+100 1/9 [19] Yes
pair of fluffy cat ears &&&&+100 1/9 [20] Yes
pair of fluffy pink boots &&&&+600 6/9 Naefela Yes (feet)
pair of pink fluffy handcuffs &&&&+400 4/9 [21] Yes
pink fluffy earring &&&&+100 1/9 [22] Yes (earring)
pink fluffy purse &&&&+100 1/9 [23] No Container
pink fluffy wallet &&&&+100 1/9 [24] No Container
set of fluffy earmuffs &&&&+300 3/9 [25] Yes
soft fluffy ball &&&&+300 3/9 [26] Yes (bracelet) Gufnorkian holy symbol
soft fluffy kitten towel &&&+2500 2 7/9 [27] Yes (towel)

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  1. Depending on other modifiers; the lowest bonus listed may only be possible with positive modifiers such as being at a high altar, while the highest bonus may be with negative modifiers.