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Fluff is a substance found in many places on the Disc. It its pure form, it comes in balls of various sizes and colours, but there are also various other fluffy items.

Gufnorkians can carry balls of fluff or other fluffy items for a ritual bonus. They get a smaller ritual bonus for being in a room with sufficient fluffy items on the floor.

Fluffy things can also be placed on Gufnork's low altar, which (while consuming them) provides some healing and can change your alignment slightly.

It is also the name of the "happy" in game bulletin board 'fluff'.

Balls of fluff

A ball of fluff can be referred to as a "fluff", or a "ball". In the plural, they are "fluffs", "balls", or "fluves".

Sizes and divisibility

They come in the following sizes:

Size Weight Approximate misc.area bonus range to summon with Summon Fluff[1]
tiny 35 g
small 70 g
sizeable 105 g 155 and under
large 140 g 155 - 272
huge 175 g 266 - 409
enormous  ? g 541
gigantic  ? g
colossal  ? g
monstrous  ? g
gargantuan  ? g - ? g

Balls larger than 1/9 lb can be cut with a knife, resulting in smaller pieces. Pieces are at least 1/9 lb, so there's a limit to how many pieces you can cut a fluff into. Doing this results in, for example, "a third of a huge ball of coral red fluff", and not a smaller ball.

Balls larger than 1/9 lb can also be eaten, reducing them by one size category (balls that are 1/9 lb can also be eaten--this makes them disappear).

Pieces of fluves, as well as small fluves gotten by eating larger fluves, retain properties such as consecration, wards, and remembered places.


  • Performing the Summon Fluff ritual will give you a ball of fluff, the size of which is skill-dependent.
  • Naefela of Gufnork will sometimes perform this ritual when a player enters the room, either giving it to or throwing it at them.
  • Playing the large organ at Gufnork's cathedral can reward you with a ball of fluff, the size of which probably depends on your musical skills. If you're not skilled enough, you might get something else.
  • You can also find small fluves by searching the fluff in the Gufnork passage room. They are the same colour and flavour as the fluff the passage room is covered in.


Fluves can be:

  • Eaten (each of the dozens of colours tastes different).
  • Burned in Sek's fire pit in Djelibeybi for a slight alignment change.
  • Used as a towel.
  • Thrown at people (a non-aggressive act that is not pk-checked).
  • Used for Gufnork's unique ritual modifiers
  • Putting fluffs (from the ritual Summon Fluff) on Gufnork's low altar either makes you more good (up to about 5 degrees good, it appears) or moves you towards Gufnork's ideal alignment. It also replenishes some of your health. This probably works for all fluffy things, not just fluffs.

Since fluves created with Summon Fluff come pre-consecrated to your deity, they can also be convenient objects to Remember Place with.


Fluff Colour Flavour
almond almonds
amber sticky
antique white old lace, with just a hint of arsenic
apple white sour apple
aquamarine fish
aubergine eggplant
autumn leaf tastes like a forest floor
azure mountain fresh
beige how bland
birch sap
black tastes like death
black and white panda
blood red bloody
blue berries
bone white dust
bourbon gold Genuan
bright crimson habanero
bright orange cheese
bright red tomato
brown chocolate
burgundy red wine
burnt cream creme brule
burnt orange ashes
buttercup yellow butterflies
buttery yellow popcorn
cabbage-coloured tastes of boiled cabbage
cardinal red feathers
carrot orange carrot
charcoal dusty
chartreuse very, very minty
cinnamon cinnamon and spice
cloudy white little fluffy clouds
cobalt tastes metallic
cochineal bloody
coral red salty
corn yellow buttery
cornflower moon dragon
cream white chocolate
creamy orange squash
crimson chilies
crystal white salt crystals
curry yellow Klatchian
earthy brown loam
fawn deer
frosty blue icy
ghost white etheral
gold expensive. And slightly sticky
goldenrod honeysuckle
grass green grass
green lime
grey mouldy
grey-brown mashed potatoes
hot pink bright
ice blue cold
indigo mulberry
innocent white purity
jade Agatean
lacy white spun sugar
lavender lavender
lemon lemon
lilac blueberry
magenta flower petals
marmalade orange marmalade
mauve grape
moss green sphagnum
ochre dirt
off-white lard
olive olive
orange orange
orchid delicate
oxblood tastes of beef
pale pink cherry blossoms
pale yellow onions
peach peach
pine green pine
pink candyfloss
puce garlic
pumpkin pumpkin. Tastes like a candle was burnt in it, too
purple licorice
purple-black anise and fennel
raspberry raspberries
red strawberry
reddish-brown damp leaves
robin's egg blue uncooked egg
rose petals. Ow, and a thorn
ruby cherry
rust dwarf
saffron very very orange
salmon tastes of fish
sandalwood sandalwood and patchouli flavoured
sandy cat fur
sangria fruity, with overtones of red wine
scarlet apple
sea green pelagic
seamstress pink tastes indescribable
silt brown Morporkian
silver mercurial
snowy ice-cold
straw straw
sunset red misty
tan caramel
tangerine sweet
tea green almost makes you want a cuppa
teal salty
thistle green spiky
turquoise minty fresh
ultramarine tastes exotic
violet violet
white ice cream
winter white fresh-fallen snow
yellow pineapple

Other fluffy things

There are a variety of other things which, while not pure fluff, are nevertheless fluffy.

Item Weight Source (Kefka's) Wearable? Notes
 blue fluffy blanket with fluffy bunnies on This is the cutest, most adorable blanket you've ever seen. It's made out of soft fluffy baby-blue wool, and embroidered into it are gorgeous little fluffy white bunny rabbits. Looking at it makes you want to be a kid again, so you could cuddle it without feeling silly.  &&&&&&+500 5/9 [1] No
 fluffy <colour> embroidered chiton This is a fluffy chiton in a <shade> <colour> <material>. It is embroidered with a simple pattern of <pattern> along its trim. It's worn without an overfold but belted at the waist and pinned at both shoulders with simple clasps. It reaches to the knees, making it a very practical piece of clothing to work in.  &&&&&+1200 1 3/9 [2] Yes
 fluffy bathing suit This garment resembles a shoulder-to-knee sack made of violet faux fur. When dry, it is snuggly and cuddly. When wet, it will make the wearer look like a drowned and oddly shaven violet vermine.  &&&&&&+200 2/9 [3] Yes
 fluffy beauty bag This is a lovely, off-white beauty bag decorated with red rosebuds and green leaves. It is made of some sort of fluffy material. Around the top of the bag is a zipper, and the lid has got a short handle attached in the middle. It has also got a longer shoulder strap. The fluffy beauty bag has one main pocket and two side pockets.  &&&&&+1500 1 6/9 [4] Yes (bag) Container
 fluffy black bathrobe Long and definitely black, this fluffy bathrobe covers from neck to the floor and ties at the waist with a narrow belt. Lined with black silk and embroidered with the Assassins' Guild Coat of Arms, this really is a superior bathrobe. Inside each sleeve is a knife or dagger sheathe.  &&&&&+1000 1 1/9 [5] Yes Sheathes knives
 fluffy blue sofa This sofa has been constructed from some sort of fluffy material. It seems to have the exact colour and texture of navel lint. There must be some sort of structure underneath to support the weight of any sitters, but it is impossible to see with the vast quantities of fluff atop it.   ? [6] No Furniture; has chats when sat on, etc.
 fluffy bracelet The copper this thick bracelet is made out of is almost obscured by the thick layer of white fluff that entwines around it. Various etchings have been carved into the copper, but due to the abundance of fluff, they are too difficult to make out.  &&&&&&+100 1/9 [7] yes (bracelet)
 fluffy bunny tail A bright pink fluffy bunny tail with a little string to fasten it around your waist.  &&&&&&+100 1/9 [8] Yes
 fluffy cloak This is a nice, thick Hublandish fluffy cloak that can be wrapped around the body like a robe. "Fluffy" isn't entirely accurate since it's made from the wool of the sturdy Hubland sheep, but at least it looks fluffy.  &&&&&+4500 5 [9] Yes armour
 fluffy crinoline This is a voluminous underskirt, a thick mass of starched white linen, designed to make a skirt stand out to a properly impressive degree.  &&&&&&+500 5/9 [10] yes (skirt)
 fluffy headband This is the kind of large warm fluffy headband worn by the wild barbarian heroes from the hub. While wearing this you have no doubt you could defeat impossible odds, gather enough treasure to buy the Disc and become famous throughout the land.  &&&&&&+500 5/9 [11] yes
 fluffy helmet This is a strange helmet. It has a fluffy headband as a brim that runs around the main body which is made of steel with a sharp spike on top.  &&&&&+4000 4 4/9 [12] yes armour
 fluffy lip stud Set upon a narrow bar of steel is a tiny ball of the whitest, softest most snuggleable fluff imaginable. If only it wasn't so tiny, it would be wonderful to just roll around in. You will have to settle for wearing it on your face instead.  &&&&&&+100 1/9 [13] Yes
 fluffy pink towel This pink towel is made from a particularly fluffy type of flannel. It looks so warm and comfortable you just want to wrap yourself up in it and snuggle for a while.  &&&&&+2000 2 2/9 [14] Yes (towel)
 fluffy silver necklace A long thin chain of delicately wrought silver holds a large fluffy pendant. The pendant seems to be composed of multicoloured strands of fluff that twine around each other, impossible to separate.  &&&&&&+200 2/9 [15] Yes (necklace)
 old fluffy spatula This is an old, old spatula; you can tell by the distinctive fluffy handle. The very old spatula handles were made out of fur seal, for added comfort when turning over stuff on the stove. This one has a nice white baby fur seal handle with a simply stunning cast iron base and bit leading up to the handle.  &&&&&+2500 2 7/9 [16] No
 pair of black fluffy bed socks Thickly knitted and comfortingly soft, these fluffy black bed socks are just the thing for keeping one's toes happy. They would be perfect to wear while snuggled in bed, catching up on some late night reading.  &&&&&&+100 1/9 [17] Yes (feet)
 pair of fluffy bathing trunks Made of ersatz ecru fur with green stripes, wearing these trunks will make it appear that some odd critter is attacking your midsection.  &&&&&&+200 2/9 [18] Yes
 pair of fluffy bunny ears A bright pink pair of fluffy bunny ears. These were stolen by the bearer after a prolonged bout of drinking. The whole story has passed into myth and legend.  &&&&&&+100 1/9 [19] Yes
 pair of fluffy cat ears This is a pair of fluffy feline ears, covered in soft-looking fur. They look rather interesting, nearly alive. Perhaps you can slip them on for size?  &&&&&&+100 1/9 [20] Yes
 pair of fluffy pink boots Crafted from the fluffiest pink wool imaginable, this pair of boots seems to have been designed to give the impression that the wearer's feet are encased in two balls of candyfloss.  &&&&&&+600 6/9 Naefela Yes (feet)
 pair of pink fluffy handcuffs At each end of the three pewter coloured links, is a handcuff engulfed in bright pink lamb's wool. These handcuffs would be the perfect start of a tantalising rendezvous, if only you could find someone willing to be handcuffed.  &&&&&&+400 4/9 [21] Yes
 pink fluffy earring This is a rather cute pink, fluffy earring, the kind you would expect to find down the back of a seamstress' bed.  &&&&&&+100 1/9 [22] Yes (earring)
 pink fluffy purse This purse goes into overdrive with the fluff. It has room inside for quite a lot of money, although it is a tad too fluffy to be reduced to such a mundane existence. It was handmade by the Sto Lat wallet merchants for your money's pleasure.  &&&&&&+100 1/9 [23] No Container
 pink fluffy wallet This wallet goes into overdrive with the fluff. It has room inside for quite a lot of money, although it is a tad too fluffy to be reduced to such a mundane existence. It was handmade by the Sto Lat wallet merchants for your money's pleasure.  &&&&&&+100 1/9 [24] No Container
 set of fluffy earmuffs These fluffy earmuffs are dyed in shades of lurid green, pink, blue and orange - the perfect accessory to... well, maybe not the perfect accessory but they sure will keep your ears warm, if you were to wear them that is.  &&&&&&+300 3/9 [25] Yes
 soft fluffy ball This is an extremely fluffy white ball, made of something so quintessentially fluffy that it radiates fluffiness into its surroundings. It is so fluffy that it won't even bounce, but it does seem to be eminently huggable. There is a hole through the centre, suggesting that it could be worn over your wrist.  &&&&&&+300 3/9 [26] Yes (bracelet) Gufnorkian holy symbol
 soft fluffy kitten towel This is a big fluffy white towel with a picture of an innocent-looking kitten with a pink bow tied around its neck. Surrounding the kitten is a halo of yellow, enveloping it as it bats at a ball of string. If only you had a soft fluffy kitten sweatshirt to match.  &&&&&+2500 2 7/9 [27] Yes (towel)

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  1. Depending on other modifiers; the lowest bonus listed may only be possible with positive modifiers such as being at a high altar, while the highest bonus may be with negative modifiers.