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Command information
GP Cost 35
Learnt At Unknown
Skills Used Fighting.special.weapon and Fighting.melee for the weapon used
Items Needed A Fine sabre
Guild Available to all

Flick is a weapon command unique to the fine sabre.

It consists of flicking the point of your sabre at an opponent. The damage is very small - thought to be less than 50 points at moderate skills - but it appears to be unblockable by normal means (see below), provided that all skillchecks are passed. This attack will always hit the hands.

Note that a failed fighting.special.weapon skillcheck can result in your flicking the weapon right out of your hand.

As of this writing, the attack will bypass dodging, blocking, parrying, worn and natural armour, and Chrenedict's Corporeal Covering, making it useful for damaging opponents with very high defensive abilities.