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Command information
GP Cost 35
Learnt At 10 crafts.smithing
Skills Used crafts.smithing.*
Items Needed Forge
Guild Available to all

Fix is a crafts command which allows you to attempt to improve the condition of a metallic item in your inventory (usually weapons, armour and jewellery) when in a smithy.


Once they have learned the command, players can fix an item if:

  • They are in a smithy.
  • The item is damaged, even if just a little bit which is not enough to refer to the item as damaged.
  • They have at least 35 crafts guild points.
  • They are not wearing the item.

To tell if an item could be fixed if it's just a little bit damaged and can't even be referred to as damaged, you can do fix cost <item> in a smithy or launder room.

The crafts.smithing skill subtree determines a player's ability to fix items, as follows:

  • Higher bonuses cause more condition to be fixed with each execution of the command.
  • Higher bonuses are needed in order to fix items that start off in a worse condition.

Attempting to fix seriously damaged items with low skills may result in the item being destroyed.

It is also possible to try to hone a weapon with an oilstone.


Fixing costs a small amount of money, depending on the degree to which the item is damaged, and the player's bonus in the appropriate crafts.smithing subtree.

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