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Fire furniture is furniture that can be used to safely contain a fire. They tend to require that a suitable fuel be placed in them (ie. incense in incense burners, logs of wood in fireplaces).

For the fire skill, see


Stoves, ovens and fireplaces use logs, provide heat and light when lit, and turn said logs into ash. Additionally, when a fire is lit in one of these, tea can be brewed on it, and pancakes can be fried on it.

They can be lit with

light <fireplace> with <object>
dowse <fireplace>
extinguish <fireplace>

Wizards can light fireplaces without a flint:

zap <object>
point [finger] at <fireplace>

They can also light lamps with

wave [hand] at <lamp>

And extinguish lamps with

snap fingers at <lamp>

Witches can just embarrass fireplaces or lamps into lighting themselves:

glare at <object>

You fix the large wood oven with your most intimidating glare.
A small fire ignites in the hearth out of sheer embarrassment.

They can also extinguish lamps with

sniff at <lamp>

Incense burners use incense. Unlike fireplaces, they burn fuel in parallel--burning more blocks of incense at a time doesn't increase the amount of time it will stay lit, but it does increase the frequency of the chats.

light [the] contents of <object> 
burn [the] contents of <object> 
dowse [the] contents of <object> 
extinguish [the] contents of <object>


Source Item name Length Width Weight
of items
Type Notes
Kefka's db Dimensions (ft) Capacity
 Ephebe Second room in the marble works on Contradiction Close, Ephebe   <adjective> marble fireplace This fireplace consists of a marble mantlepiece, surround and hearth constructed around a heatproof brick fire pit. Clearly made by a skilled craftsperson, the <adjective> marble has been polished to almost a mirror shine that is set off nicely by its <colour> veins. It would add a touch of opulent grandeur to any home.

The hearth is blackened with ashes and old embers. 

&&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+11700 13 &&&&+36000 40 Fireplace
[1]  antique steel range This is an antique steel range which has been preserved relatively well considering its age. It reeks of several decades of loving care, partially because food several decades old is stuck to it in awkward places. A long shelf runs over the fume hood, and four large elements have been placed on the steel heating surface. Several curlicued licks of steel adorn the oven's door, leading down into four feet shaped like a pig's trotters.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 Stove
[2]  brass incense burner This is a low brass bowl on three bone legs. The bowl is carved with a design of crackling flames, while the legs look suspiciously like human femurs. It is designed to hold burning incense for ceremonial purposes.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+2700 3 Incense burner
[3]  cast iron cookstove This is a simple cast iron cookstove, lacking a fume hood and many of the frills evident in fancier models. Although nothing more than a plain and matte black finish adorns its modest exterior, it looks big enough to cook a witch.  &&&&&+1650 1 10/12 &&&&&+1650 1 10/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 Stove
[4]  cast iron parlour stove This cast iron parlour stove is an impressive stove with exquisitely detailed castings and platings. Flowing intricate detailing and cast work are the hallmarks of this stove and make it a truly artistic masterpiece. Set back on four sturdy yet delicate-looking feet, this flower-print parlour stove is sure to become the distinguished centrepiece in almost any home.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 Stove
[5]  crystal incense burner This incense burner is made from a low crystal bowl, carved with a pattern of rolling waves. It is supported by a tangle of polished coral, twisted and braided to give the whole thing the appearance of a jellyfish.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+2700 3 Incense burner
[6]  Dragon Lady parlour stove This stove is grand, stately and is often known by most of its owners as the 'Dragon Lady'. Having claws on its feet, dragons along both its sides, and two dragons on its finial, the inspiration for its creation came from the chief bureaucrat in charge of stove manufacturing in Sum Dim. The bureaucrat was a woman and she was at once elegant, warm and inviting, greatly admired, and greatly feared. She ignited diligence and quality craftsmanship from her workers and it shows in this stove's design. With a breath of fire and a beautiful mica window, this stove casts an unforgettable glow over any room it's in.  &&&&&+1650 1 10/12 &&&&&+1650 1 10/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 Stove
[7]  finely crafted fireplace This fireplace is surrounded by an ornately carved mahogany framework and has a beautifully finished brass hearth.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 Fireplace
[8]  genuine Genuan parlour stove Bonjour mon ami. Comment ca va? I am from Genua and I radiate, non? As you can see, I am all dolled up and ready to dance zee night away. And I last all night long too; you'll feel my 'eat for a good 8-10 hours. When you walk into zee room, your eyes will see me, because not only is my 'eight tall, but I dazzle, as you can see from my fancy details including my heavy aprons. I radiate any home, and I very much want to radiate yours.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 Stove
[9]  Happy Luck kitchen range The Happy Luck kitchen range displays an elegance that has gone unequalled since the century of the zhu-min duck. Built during an age of artistic and engineering innovation in Agatea, this range features highly detailed castings which enhance the look of this one of a kind stove. Cooking on a beautiful range like the Happy Luck will warm the heart, draw peace, prosperity and good fortune into the home and will also make a good attempt at appeasing the appetite.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 Stove
[10]  large wood oven A tastefully decorated door bears the name 'Wun Chi Puffin' and a temperature gauge monitors the large wood oven. Resting on a smooth base, this range has a thirty-two inch cook surface and carries six burners and a water reservoir. A top mounted nickel trimmed shelf on the back of the stove is complemented by dual warming shelves. Subtle and sophisticated, this stovetop would compliment most tasteful homes.  &&&&&+1650 1 10/12 &&&&&+1650 1 10/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 Stove
[11]  okra candelabrum This impressive construction supports three candles in dark green holders. Each holder is shaped like half an okra leaf, and is affixed via a slender stem to a bronzed stand. The stand, covered in a fine black filigree, is itself set into a sturdy iron base.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 +Expression error: Unexpected < operator. < 1 &&&&&+2700 3 Light
[12]  okra candlestick This tall candlestick rests on a black iron disc, which acts as a sturdy base. From the base rises a pale wooden stem, polished to a gleaming finish and inset with a fine network of silver wires. Crowning the whole assembly is a stunning piece of metalwork, brass wrought into the shape of an upright okra flower.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 Light
Witch caravan  majmar This is a small charcoal brazier used for barbequing meat. Colourful and traditionally Klatchian, it gives food a unique earthy taste and can be carried about with some effort.

The brazier is blackened with ashes and old embers. It is in excellent condition. There is nothing on the majmar. 

&&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+5400 6 &&&&+27000 30 Stove Weighs 9 4/9 and is a utensil.
[13]  pagoda-style parlour stove The Pagoda is an impressive stove with exquisitely detailed castings. Flowing and intricate detailing and cast work are the hallmarks of this stove which bears striking resemblance to a tall Agatean pagoda. Created in dark matte cast iron with golden accents and set upon four slender legs, the Pagoda is sure to become the distinguished centrepiece of any home.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 Stove
[14]  pinwheel column stove The columns of this cast iron column stove feature elaborately detailed filigree. Pinwheel doors sit behind a matching draft control and clean out drawer on the extended bottom lip. Four decorated legs sport the same motif as the body, which is repeated upon the columns and the centred cook lid. This column stove will claim a special place in the hearth and in the heart of almost any home.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 Stove
[15]  pumice incense burner This is a pumice bowl, sitting atop a wooden pedestal. The bowl is as smooth as a porous material can be, while the base is smooth, varnished cottonwood.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+2700 3 Incense burner
[16]  red brick incense burner This incense burner is made from a small firebrick furnace with a tall chimney, sitting atop a solid block of walnut. The wood has been stained and varnished until it is a deep near-black.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+2700 3 Incense burner
[17]  rose gold incense burner This incense burner is a shallow rose gold dish with a small depression, suitable for a block of incense. It is supported by a slender fluted pillar of polished satinwood, its tawny length gleaming slightly.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+2700 3 Incense burner
[18]  silver incense burner This incense burner consists of a silver bowl, sitting atop a wooden pedestal. The bowl is beaten silver, crafted so that it continually shimmers in the light as if slightly damp. The pedestal is a simple column of unfinished willow.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+2700 3 Incense burner
[19]  solid iron incense burner This is a single block of polished iron pyrite, glimmering gold. On the top, there is a slight depression, where one could place a block of incense. The depression itself is ringed with a circle of glittering ankhstones, set into the metal.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+2700 3 Incense burner
[20]  star oak cylinder stove It would be appropriate if the designer who created this stove had the tune of "Star light, Star Bright, first star I see tonight," in his head when he created it. It's always been guessed that this is how this particular stove got its name, because it shines wherever it is, day or night. When there's a fire going, the glow of the flames through its radiant mica window warms the room, and when there's no fire going, the shine from its nickel legs, apron, draft control, dome and finial sparkles like a star.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 Stove
[21]  water buffalo parlour stove There's no greater feeling than wading through a field with a flatulent buffalo by your side and a long length of string in one hand - at least if you're a peasant. That strangely pleasant image is detailed in a nickel casting under the front door of this parlour stove. If you watch the glow of the fire from the front opening with your feet resting on my nickel plated foot rest, you can just about hear the waterbuffalo fertilising the soil.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 Stove
[22]  wildflower box stove This wildflower box stove was manufactured in HungHung and bears the rich castings of the T'seng era. A crest of arms from the Tang household is embossed on a thick trellised background. The bowed body is constructed of solid cast iron and offers an airtight burn. The wildflower box stove is compact, cute, and quite easy to use when burning wood.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 Stove
[23]  woodbox A heavy looking box that is used to store wood for the fire, the sturdy construction makes this box look ideal for holding some wood.  &&&&&+1050 1 2/12 &&&&&+1050 1 2/12 &&&&+39600 44 &&&&+72000 80 Fuel container Weighs 22 2/9 lb. Not technically a fire item, but can only hold fuel.[1].
 Ephebe Second-hand furniture stall, Harbour Markey, Ephebe   coal scuttle This coal scuttle consists of little more than a large, metal bucket with a handle. It is intended for use to carry and store coal for the fire and would undoubtedly perform such a function admirably.  &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&+39600 44 &&&&+72000 80 Fuel container Not technically a fire item, but can only hold fuel.
[24]  wrought iron chandelier This simple chandelier has been crafted from black wrought iron and made to resemble a crown. It is comprised of a central ring, around which are eight fastened brackets. Each has a small plate, or bobeche, affixed to hold candles and catch melted wax. Three chains extend upward from the rim of the crown to a central hook, allowing the chandelier to be hung or suspended.  &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+7200 8 Chandelier
[25]  wrought iron wall sconce This is an ornamental wall sconce, a candleholder designed to be hung on a wall. Wrought iron has been skillfully manipulated to form the outline of a dragon, complete with wings and fiery breath. The dragon's forepaw is raised to the sky and it holds an iron bowl in its claws. The bowl is large enough to hold a candle and catch the overflowing wax.  &&&&&&+225 3/12 &&&&&&+225 3/12 &&&&&&+450 1/2 &&&&&+3600 4 Light Can hold things other than fuel.
  1. Logs, and blocks of incense that aren't completely burnt.