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Ritual information
Deities Fish Sek
GP cost 45
Components holy amulet
Required powers Movement Sight Speech
Learned At 22 (Sek) 24 (Fish) levels
Resisted By n
Angers? n
Type Miscellaneous
Steps 2
Targets others far away
Description Shows you the direction to a target.
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help

Find is a priest ritual that indicates the approximate direction and distance to the target.


This ritual costs 45 GP, and is performed on a uniquely named living thing or on an item that Remember Place has been performed on. For remembering items, it indicates the distance and direction to the room the item is remembering.

It requires the powers of speech, movement, and sight.


This ritual uses


Performing messages


You utter a quick prayer.
You hold up your set of smooth lodestone prayer beads.


Your holy amulet slowly swings west.

The speed and direction varies, and you get more precise messages with higher skills.


Your holy amulet goes cold to the touch for a moment.

This message means that your attempted target was not unique, or that they weren't loaded yet. For example, you get this if you perform it on "dwarf".

Your holy amulet swings wildly in every direction.

This message means that either you or your target are somewhere where Find doesn't work. Passage rooms are like this, as is the Endless Halls maze.

Your holy amulet warms, but doesn't move.

This message means that Find doesn't work on the target. Some quest-related npcs are unfindable in this way.

You cannot find a target for this ritual.

This message means that the target is hiding, and you wouldn't be able to see them if they were in the room. Using watch may help. (In this case, you don't actually perform the ritual or spend gp on it--you fail before you even start.)

What others see

Success messages

Your holy amulet hangs perfectly still.

This message means the target is in the room with you.

Your holy amulet dangles, twitching gently.

This message seems to mean that the target is in the room with you, but in a container type room, such as a sampan, wizard hat tent, or crystal sphere.

However, if the target is further away, your amulet will swing in a particular direction, at a particular speed or distance. As your bonus improves, both the direction and distance indicators get more specific[1].


At first, there are eight possible directions your amulet can swing in: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, and northwest.

When you have around a 261-269 bonus or above, there are twice as many possible directions. Between north and northeast is north-northeast, between northeast and east is east-northeast, and so on.

When you have around a 335 bonus or above, you get a numeric description of the direction, such as, "32 degrees south from due west"[2]. If the target is due north, northeast, east, etc., though, you're told that instead.


At lower bonuses, you get a descriptive indication of the distance, expressed by how quickly your amulet moves towards the target.

Note that distances inside cities can vary a bit, so five rooms away in one city may not be the same as five rooms away in another. The "in the same city" distances are for Ankh-Morpork.

The messages are:

Message Distance Example
rapidly either 1 room away in the same city, in the same building, or just outside the building
hastily 2 - 5 rooms away in the same city
hurriedly 6 - 21 rooms away in the same city
swiftly 22 - ? rooms away in the same city
quickly from about halfway across AM to about three-fourths of the way across AM, in the same city
briskly from about three-fourths of the way across AM to at least the entire distance across AM, in the same city
steadily just outside the city with the target, or 1 - 5 rooms away from the terrain room with the target
ponderously ~6 - 140 miles From a few rooms outside of AM to the Drum (or from 6 terrain rooms away), from AM to Dinky
gradually ~140 - 430 miles From AM to Scrogden or Pekan Ford
slowly ~440 - 960 miles From AM to DJB or the Land of the Giants
indolently ~970 - 1920 miles From AM to the Listeners' Valley or Escrow
sluggishly ~1930 - 3850 miles From AM to Genua or BP; from BP to DJB
almost imperceptibly ~3860 - 4770 miles From BP to Genua or west of DJB - very probably the largest range

At bonuses of around 405-408 with positive ritual modifiers, you start getting numeric indicators for distances of around "steadily" or "ponderously" and up. The amulet will jerk a certain number of inches in the given direction, with one inch being a hundred miles[3] and it being specified to the nearest tenth of an inch.


This ritual cannot be bestowed as a ward.

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  1. Bonuses given are approximate--ritual modifiers such as performing from a faith rod affect the bonus needed to get a certain level of detail.
  2. It may be useful to note here that a full circle has 360 degrees in it. However, it seems to only go up to about 37 degrees <direction> of due <other direction>, not 44 as might be expected. This may be skill-based in some way.  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 
  3. Terrain rooms are one mile apart; the messages you get when journeying make this clear.