Filigreed rowan case

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Filigreed rowan case
Spell case Information
Precise dimensions 8 x 3
Material Rowan
Weight 1 3/9
Papers 18
Spells 5
Commands feed, channel, list, remove, empty, retrieve, restore

Long Description

This is a small case made from rowan which has been completely enveloped in octiron filigree. The design is fanciful and intricate and the octiron has been polished to high reflective shine. In the centre of the cases lid is a small plaque which mirrors your gaze perfectly. At the bottom are four small claw-like feet which the case uses to keep hold of the surface. Any surface, really. Between the legs, in the centre of the bottom of the case is another small plaque which might give some information.

Appraises As

The filigreed rowan case is about nine inches long and three inches wide. It is made of rowan.


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