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Command information
GP Cost 90
Learnt At 150 of covert.manipulation.stealing
Skills Used covert.manipulation.stealing
Items Needed N/A
Guild Thieves

Filch is a thief-only command used to steal items, unlike steal it can be used to steal worn items and items in containers as well as held items. Like snatch it can also be used to steal held items, but covertly. Filch is the only theft command that can be used during combat.


Filch can be learned at 150 levels of covert.manipulation.stealing from the recruiter of any thief guild.


Filch can be used steal any item from a target, carried items (like steal) and held items (like snatch), also worn items and items in containers. It can also be used to steal from closed containers, although the skill check it harder. The skill check is the covert.manipulation.stealing of the thief against the adventuring.perception of the target. The weight of an item affects how difficult it is to filch. Heavier items are more difficult to successfully filch than lighter items (like shoplift). The value of an item does not seem to affect how difficult it is to filch successfully. It is more difficult to filch during combat.

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