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God information
Deity Fhez, God of the Lower Djel
Finger This croccodile-headed God is well-known for His love of lurking in wait of something edible, and the quickness of death that follows. Though He does not hesitate to take what He needs to survive, He lets excess potential food sources go free, probably to feed on another day. Sometimes depicted with a tear in His eye (and a struggling sacrifice in His mouth), his followers include hunters that know the value of life and conservation, and more than a few priestesses that firmly believe that tough guys have a softer side that only they can find.

He currently can't be worshipped.

Areas Djelibeybi
Priests' Alignment min: -2 barely evil

max: -2 barely evil

Major Shield coated by translucent scales
Holy symbol
References Ug Ogg's custom armour symbol, statue in Djelibeybi Palace
Finger Finger information on Fhez (login required)