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A fence is an NPC who buys stolen goods. Although fences are thieves' guild NPCs, they will trade with any player from any guild.

Players use fences for two reasons:

Using a fence

To use a fence, use the command:

fence <goods> to <fence>

Fences will only deal with one player at a time, so you may have to wait until existing players are finished. Fences can only handle up to 10 items at a time too.

The fence will take your items and make you an offer. You can then:

  • Nod, say 'yes' or whisper 'yes' to accept the offer.
  • 'Shake' (your head), say 'no' or whisper 'no' to reject the offer.

If you accept the offer, the fence will slip you the appropriate amount of cash. If you reject, the fence will return your items to you.

The fence will also return your items if:

  • You leave the room.
  • You wait too long to accept an offer.
  • Someone attacks the fence.

If you accidentally sold something you wanted to keep to a fence, you can buy it back if you don't wait too long, using the syntax:

buy back last items from <fence>

Fences will charge you 5% more than their original offer to buy things back from them.


Each fence specialises in a particular type of item. For example, Sol specialises in jewellery, while Shifty Jim specialises in armour and clothing.

Fences will reduce their offer by 10% for goods which are not of their specialisation.

Items in high demand

Each fence may have a small set of specific items which are in high demand. These will always be items from that fence's specialty. You can ask a fence for a list of high-demand items by using the syntax:

list wanted items from <fence>

Fences will pay 10% more for an item in high demand.

Note that most fences will not reveal which items are in high demand to non-thieves. Only Jak Raplin, Ragman and Klepton the Fixer currently tell non-thieves which items they highly demand.

After giving a fence a certain number of the item in high demand, the fence will stop asking for it. (The number seems to be three). If you fence many of those items at a time, the fence will pay 10% more for all of them.


Mudlib-unconf.gif This section contains formulae or data from the distribution mudlib. This information may be several years out of date, so needs to be verified as correct. You can help by performing research to validate it.

The amount a fence offers you is dependent on your skill in the people.trading.valueing subskill appropriate to the item you are fencing, as follows:

Skill Items
people.trading.valueing.gems Gems
people.trading.valueing.jewellery Jewellery
people.trading.valueing.weapons Weapons
people.trading.valueing.armour Armour and clothes
people.trading.valueing[1] Everything else
  1. Since you don't actually have a bonus in this skill, the MUD simply ignores your 'bonus' here and has the fence knock off the maximum 33%.

The fence reduces their offer by a percentage equal to (100 / sqrt(bonus))%, with a maximum reduction of 33%.

Your valueing bonus also makes the base item price the fence uses more accurate. The adjustment is (random(sqrt(skill)) - random(sqrt(skill))); that is, if your valueing bonus is 100, and so the square root of your bonus is 10, then a random value between -9 and 9 will be added to the base price. Note that, while this can increase the base price as well as lowering it, these possible random gains are unlikely to outweigh the other benefits of higher valueing skills.

List of fences

The following details the fences of the Disc, where they can be found, and what their specialisations are:

Fence Location Specialisation Currency High demand
items to all
Dodgy Bill Mad Stoat, Thieves' Guild, north of the threatening sign Weapons Lancre No
Aristide Felon Genua, Nawlins Road and Dead Man's Walk, Warehouse Weapons Genua No Only criminals in Genua can get in.
Tiffany Glitter Pekan Ford, Pub Armour/clothes AM No
Shifty Jim AM, Thieves' Guild, Entrance hall Armour/clothes AM No
Notorious Jones Bes Pelargic, Ricecake Alley, Thieves' Guild Jewellery Agatean Empire No
Mariania Genua, Sewers, Thieves' Guild Armour/clothes Genua No
Ragman Sto Lat, Grave's Hope, Dark hut Gems/pearls AM Yes
Jak Raplin AM, Troll's Head, Alcove Weapons AM Yes
Scrakkik Djelibeybi, Thieves' Guild Armour/clothes Djelibeybi No
Sol AM, Thieves' Guild, Wandering Jewellery AM No
Klepton the Fixer Ephebe, Dead-end of Ponder Alley Jewellery Ephebe Yes
Elusive Adriano Ephebe, Underground, Thieves' Guild Weapons Ephebe No

Warning: Some Locations are dangerous! Like the Shades where the Troll's Head is. It is not always worth the slight increase in return to go to a specialist. Any fence will trade.

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