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Ritual information
Deities Sandelfon Hat
GP cost 135
Components holy amulet, holy symbol, prayer book "Shackles of the Spirit", holy relic
Required powers Movement Speech
Learned At 220 levels
Resisted By n
Angers? n
Type Offensive
Steps 4
Targets others
Description Causes your target to suffer when they take action.
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This ritual causes the target's own actions to have repercussions upon himself. Specifically, if they use their energy, they become physically damaged.

Possibly the most difficult ritual to perform, and has a very limited duration.

This ritual has been found very useful in the new ward system, placed in an item using either Divine Guard or Divine Sentinel.

  • Due to new changes, the gp-to-damage rate seems to be dependant on the amount of gp used.
  • It may vary from 10hp damage of each gp used, when using a limited amount of gp (30-50), to only 3hp/gp when using lot's of gp (300-more).
  • It also seems to depend on the targets maximum hp.
  • The strength of the nimbus surrounding the target is related to the performer's bonus in fa.ri.mi.ta.
  • This strength may vary from flickering to crackling and both duration and damage dealt by the ritual seem to depend on it.
  • Feedback is never directly deadly: any damage that would reduce the victim under 1 hp leaves the victim at 1 hp instead, and causes him/her/it to faint.
    • Targets may not be damaged by direct physical attack rounds while in this state.
  • The ritual is much harder to succeed at when you have both hands full.
    • This makes an already difficult ritual even harder for those that have to rely on a faith rod for it.

Feedback may backfire and inflict its effects on the priest performing the ritual.


> perform feedback on wodan
You kneel in prayer.
You close your eyes and think of higher things.
You chant a soft orison of vengeance.
You point at Wodan thinking dark and angry thoughts.
A small, snapping spark appears on the tip of your finger and flies straight towards Wodan, disappearing on impact.
A thin nimbus of black sparks springs into existence around Wodan.
Wodan begins to glow with holy light.

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