Far Sight

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Far Sight
Ritual information
Deities Pishe Gufnork Gapp Sandelfon Fish Hat Sek
GP cost 45
Components holy symbol, prayer book "Sands through the hourglass"
Required powers Movement Speech
Learned At 35 levels faith.rituals.misc.target, 25 (Sandelfon)
Skills faith.rituals.misc.target
Resisted By n
Angers? n
Type Miscellaneous
Steps 2
Targets objects
Description Shows you an image of places far away, using an item as a focus.
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help


Gives the performer a glimpse of the location that has been remembered via a consecrated item. Useful for both checking where your divine hand will take you and for observing those that are present in certain rooms.


> perform far sight on baton
You briefly intone the psalm of perception.
You focus your attention upon a dull grey baton and cry for the fog of distance to be lifted.
You focus past the dull grey baton, and visualise the place you remembered...
::This is part of the Street of Small Gods between two temples, a large, friendly one to the north and a small, grim-looking one to the south.  This seems like a fairly major part of the street, considering the two major temples to either side.  Gufnork's temple appears to be surrounded by some strange sort of halo of fluffy balls, while Sek's appears to have a perpetual black cloud over it. 
::The street continues west and northeast, with more temples in either direction.
::Several groups of people can be seen walking past, quite energetically.  Either this neighbourhood is near one of the busier areas of the city, or people are just in a hurry to get away.
::It is a very warm autumn prime's morning with almost no wind and some puffy clouds.
::There are four obvious exits: northeast, west, north and south.
::A street lamp is here.

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