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Faith.rituals.special is the skill used in a few rituals, as well as for praying, using burial commands, consecrating items, and meditating on rituals or objects.

Ritual use

This skill is used in the following rituals:

Other uses


The following groups have this skill as a primary:

TM opportunities

Bonus Action taken
107 Meditate on Cool at Gapp high altar.
145 Meditate on Detect Alignment at Sandelfon's high altar.
171 Pyroscipate corpse, near holy ground.
173 Envalise corpse, near holy ground, controlling a totem.
173 Sacrificing animal (goat) upon an altar in Ephebe.
174 Pyroscipate corpse, near holy ground.
175 Reconsecrate grey baton with Detect Alginment imprinted.
189 Meditating on ritual cool at Gapp's high altar
190 Feeding huge whirlwind 50 gp near sacred waters
193 Making an offering (purple rose) on an altar in Ephebe.
195 Performing Holy Weapon on a dagger
208 Unquiet spirit on a short farmer corpse, far from holy ground
208 Sacred fins on self, near sacred waters and in water
218 Sacrificing animal (calf) upon an altar in Ephebe.
219 Ventisepelate corpse, near holy ground.
220 Ventisepelate corpse, near holy ground.
220 Consecrating a gold charm bracelet, in holy ground, in the rain.
221 Ventisepelating own corpse, near holy ground!
221 Ventisepelating "the somewhat decayed remains of a corpse", near holy ground
225 Performing relief on Gath, recently prayed, near holy ground.
248 Performing Divine Vestments on armor, near holy ground.
254 Consecrating a diamond scorpion charm, in holy ground, in the rain.
260 Consecrating a pale grey cane, from Gapp to Gufnork, Imprinted Mend and Imprinted Longsight.
267 Meditating over a set of brilliantly-charged prayer beads, at high altar, in the rain.
298 Praying with around 200 gp (not full), near holy ground, very close to ideal alignment
295 Praying with 405 (full) gp, near holy ground, in the rain.
318 Full GP pray (428gp). From "very good" with Pishe pleased, to still "very good".
318 Feeding a totem with 440 gp.
324 Meditating over prayer beads.
360 Full GP pray (441gp).
380 Full GP pray (481gp).
401 Full GP pray (444gp).
402 241 GP pray (439gp is my max gp).