Ethel Applebaum

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Ethel Applebaum is the witch in Scrogden. She resides in her cottage.


This is an old crone that lives in Scrogden fixing all the ailments of the villagers.  She smiles at you, showing you her toothless gums as she sits here as she does every day making cures for anything you name, as she has the best curing results for any witch on the Disc.  Her warts seem to have taken control of her nose and chin which move of their own accord.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
You can't help but notice nineteen warts upon her face.
Holding : a tin ladle (left hand).
Wearing : a pair of hard leather boots and a black witch's cloak.
Carrying: a smelly seed.


She teaches the blinking squint method.

She also gives out partial hints for potions.