Ephebe inner citadel

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Ephebe citadel map by Quow

The Ephebe inner citadel lies past the dreaded Labyrith, which is so dreaded that for the moment you can only bypass it by having a guide lead you blindfolded. (Ring the bell in the waiting room.)

Tyrant's Palace

The palace proper is just east.

Within there's the following utility rooms:

  • Club Control Room
  • Family Control Room
  • Complaints Room.
  • Board Rooms
  • Citizenship Administration Offices
    • This is where you can obtain Citizenship by passing the tests that happen in this area.

Herb garden

On the southern tip of the inner citadel lies a herb garden with:


In the eastern part of the inner citadel there is a library.

  • Entering the alley puts you in L-space in a room with a gap.


There is a pomegranate orchard on the north side.

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