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Artworks found here include:

William Broughton's "Admiration" -- [TM: Ankh-Morporkian culture]

This large oil painting by William Broughton is acclaimed to be one of his best works. It shows a collection of people admiring a painting in the Long Gallery of the Ankh-Morpork Art Museum. It is of the highest quality and only a highly accomplished artist could achieve the level of detail shown in it.

Elyctus Heridies's "Patina Goddess of Wisdom" -- [TM:  People.culture.klatchian As you look at the white marble statue, you feel you've learnt something about the culture of Ephebe. ]

This is an expertly carved statue of Patina the Ephebian Goddess of wisdom. A rather stern looking lady, she is shown here wearing a toga and a feathered helmet.

Miruq ad Dranoel's "Robin" -- [TM: Ankh-Morporkian culture]

This painting has been painted on canvas set in a circular frame. It shows a red-breasted robin in flight on a background of a clear blue sky. The brushstrokes are expertly done and show each feather in detail. It almost seems as though the robin is going to fly out of the painting and around the gallery.

Aldgat Hesh's "Ankh-Morpork Coat of Arms" -- [TM: Ankh-Morporkian culture]

Cast in pewter, this shield is supported by two hippopotamuses and is bisected by a representation of the Tower of Art. A field of cabbages is in the upper left quarter and a money bag sits in the bottom left and upper right quarters. The final quarter of the shield, which is horizontally halved by a blue and brown river, is a field of black.

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