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At an engraving shop, you can get your items engraved by an npc.


For text:

engrave <text> on <object>

For insignias:

request <type> insignia on <object>


Timothy Finnegan's engraving shop is in Bes Pelargic, on Butterfly Boulevard. He charges &&&&&&&&&&&&&+80 20s per letter (spaces are free) and engraves in Agatean.

Chiz-Hul-It's Engraver's stall can be found in the Djelibeybi bazaar (look for "A dark and musty stall appears to be trying to hide away from the noise." at the end of the room description). He charges &&&&&&&&&&&&&+80 DjToon 0.40 per letter (spaces are free). The engraved text will be in Djelian.

Demetrius's engraving shop in Ephebe is on Antithesis Lane. He charges &&&&&&&&&&&&&+80 40de per letter (spaces are free, as with other engravers). The engraved text will be in Ephebian.

Mr. Cranwell's Engraving Shoppe is in Ankh-Morpork, near the west end of the Street of Cunning Artificers. He charges &&&&&&&&&&&&&+80 20p per letter (spaces are free) and engraves in Morporkian. He can also engrave insignias, for &&&&&&&&&&&+3000 $7.50 each:

The following options are available:
   pattern of mystical symbols             Conlegium Sicariorum coat of arms
   Assassin                                Thieves' Guild coat of arms
   thief                                   Fools' Guild coat of arms
   witch                                   Unseen University coat of arms
   priest                                  koi carp
   warrior                                 snarling tiger
   frog                                    crane
   dragon                                  lotus blossom
   dragonfly                               water buffalo
   wasp                                    viper
   phoenix                                 scorpion
   horse                                   tree frog
   cow                                     black widow
   wolf                                    cobra
   pair of crossed swords                  raven
   dagger                                  Palace Guards' coat of arms
   coat of arms                            


Text engraved by npcs looks like this:

You read the silver ring:
Written in neatly engraved letters in Agatean:
Sto Lat

Insignias look like this:

A wasp is engraved onto it.

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