Emerald studded shield

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Emerald studded shield
Shield information
Precise dimensions 3 8/12 x 2 8/12
Material steel
Weight 12 4/9
Thaums/sec 16 stable / 21 talisman / 33 max
Covers abdomen arms chest hands
Layer(s) shield
To hit 56.7 %
Decent blocking bonus 448
Effective blocking bonus 479
Resistance to knockdown 433.9
Base AC
Vs sharp 34 - 40 excellent
Vs pierce 31 - 33 extremely good
Vs blunt 31 - 33 extremely good
AC enchanted up to 50% (16 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 66 - 75 excellent
Vs blunt 62 - 65 extremely good
Vs pierce 62 - 65 extremely good
AC enchanted up to 65% (21 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 77 - 86 excellent
Vs blunt 72 - 75 extremely good
Vs pierce 72 - 75 extremely good
AC enchanted to max (33 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 101 - 113 excellent
Vs blunt 95 - 99 extremely good
Vs pierce 95 - 99 extremely good

Long Description

A graceful arabesque design is picked out on the front of this shield in glittering emeralds and shadowed in gold. It exudes wealth - the sort where you can afford to put gems on the front of your shield where they're probably going to get knocked loose at the slightest provocation because your bodyguards will stop any fighting before it gets near you. The green leather strap on the back of the shield enables easy holding as well as a touch of style.

Appraises As

The emerald studded shield is about three and a half feet long and about two and a half feet wide. It is made of steel and looks like it could be held as a shield.


Shop in smithy of Copperhead.