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The town of Sheepridge is menaced by a sentient eggplant that emerges at night.

  • The eggplant will move between rooms in the town square and NPCs will flee in terror into adjacent rooms when the eggplant is present.
  • The eggplant is not aggressive and will not auto-attack but it is a difficult fight for new players.

The eggplant will either spawn as a rogue eggplant which is more common or occasionally as a rouge eggplant.

There are two achievements associated with killing the rouge variant of the eggplant, you do not need to land the killing blow to count towards the achievement's progress, but you do need to be an active participant in the fight, being in the same room when the eggplant dies is not sufficient.

Achievement: Purple Juicer: for killing the rouge eggplant once

Achievement: Aubergenocide: for killing the rouge eggplant 20 times