Eateries (Uberwald)

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The Cool bar

The Cool bar is located upstairs in the temple of the Monks of Cool. The bartender serves freshly mixed cocktails in the west room whereas there is an impball table in the east room. Some of the cocktails (including the non-alcoholic ones) are always available whereas others change.

The Drunken Magpie

The Drunken Magpie is located in Escrow, Garlic Way. It serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as food.

A large, welcoming tent

A large, welcoming tent is set up in the Hublandish Barbarians' winter camp.

There is a game of klondike solitare here, and Hugh has a dice game.

Slaughtered Lamb Inn

The Slaughtered Lamb Inn is on the west side of the unnamed town's only street. It serves garlicky food and garlicky beer.