Eateries (Sto Plains)

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The Blue Lias

The Blue Lias is located on the main street in Holy Wood.

It's a troll bar and sells trollish drinks, although none seem to actually be unsafe for humans to drink.

The Flying Klatchman Pub

The Flying Klatchman Pub is located in Bleak Prospect, on the east side of the green. It's safe from the zombies, and sells a wide selection of food as well as alcohol.

The Frog and Firkin

The Frog and Firkin is located in Sheepridge. It sells a few types of food, and alcoholic cider.

There is a bulletin board in the alcove here.

A Lonely Bar

A Lonely Bar is located in the crowded alleyway in Holy Wood. It sells a couple of types of alcohol.

A loud pub

A loud pub is located in Hillshire, across from the magic shop. It sells only alcohol.

The Never Inn

The Never Inn is located in Nowhere. It sells a couple of types of food, and a few types of alcohol.

Nodar Borgles restaurant

Nodar Borgles restaurant is located in Holy Wood and sells stoo, which has a healing effect.

A pub (Pekan Ford)

A pub in Pekan Ford is connected to the general store, and is just west of it. It sells a few types of alcohol, and some food.

Tiffany Glitter, a fence for clothing, is here.

A village tavern

A village tavern is located in Dinky, just northeast of the carriage stop. It sells food and alcohol.

The food here has an effect like healing tea.