Eateries (Ephebe)

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Epiolios' Ephebian Endive

Located on Petulia Rd.

Inside a tavern

Inside a tavern is located on Logical Lane closest to the Citadel

The Kolossi Grill

Located on Antithesis Lane just south of the Harbour Market

The Market Taverna

On Flatulus Walk

The Seasick Sea Serpent

Located on Dockside Walk (Not on Kefka's maps)where you can customize your order.

In the back room, you can "fish around in pool". On success, this causes a fish or other creature to spawn. This requires and can tm Note that it's possible--if rare--to fish up an aggressive creature, such as a nasty shark.

Fishing in the pool can also cause you to be transported to a water-related room.

You can also "dive into pool", which, if successful, will cause you to be transported to a water-related room. While it seems that for the most part the rooms you can be transported to are relatively safe--though a reasonably frequent occurrence is to be sent to the inside of the lobster tank up front, from which you can leave "up"--there is a small chance of being sent to the crocodile-infested part of the Djel river.

There are four achievements related to the back room: Three-minute Tour, Tail of a Whale, Three-hour Tour, and A Surfeit Of Whales.

Severed Head

Located on Dockside Walk by the Harbour Market


Coffee stall located by the south of the Southern Gardens on Tulvepit Rd.


Located on Tulvepit Rd. just southwest of the small plaza.

Tea Shop

Located on the east end of Harbour Market

Thousand and Two Nights of Ephebe bar

Located on Logical Lane just north of ponder alley. It contains also an atrium, Amaryllis' Taverna, the Flaming Skull club in the basement, and The Grove That Is Or Maybe Isn't Bar and Roof Garden.

The Tyrant Taverna

Located on Impartiality Ave.