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Dwarfish is a language spoken by Dwarves in several areas of the Disc, notably in Ankh-Morpork and in Copperhead.

In the past the language has also been known as Dwarvish and Dwarven. However the three variations were used inconsistently and all variations were later changed to the current spelling of Dwarfish for consistency.

Learning it

It is possible to learn the basic vocabulary of Dwarfish.written (5 levels) from a soggy old textbook.

  • This textbook can be be obtained by opening the correct crates in the Copperhead mines.
  • The textbook falls apart (self-destructs) from the handling when you read it to get 5 levels.
  • You need to already know the other language of the textbook, written Uberwaldean (60 levels), to use it.
  • You can read more textbooks to again increase another 5 levels, but after level 35 you've already learned all the Dwarfish you can learn from the textbooks.
  • Trying to read the textbook without gaining the levels (because you are at or above level 35 or you do not know enough Uberwaldean.written) does not use the textbook.
  • The textbook does not teach you any Dwarfish.spoken.

Once you know enough Dwarfish.written you will be able to learn Dwarfish.Spoken in the Copperhead mines during a quest.

Tming it


  • "read sign" at the entrance to Mineshaft Two in the Copperhead mines reads randomly from one of the six warning signs.
  • The runes engraved on lockboxes and barrels found in the Copperhead mines.
  • The symbols and words engraved on the walls in Copperhead mines.
  • Primers written by yourself or others



As with all languages, it can be understood (or used) through the use of Tongues (for spoken) or Clarify (for written).