Dwarf Bread Museum

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The Dwarf Bread Museum, located on the west end of Whirligig Alley in Ankh-Morpork, is free to enter and contains four games that cost 1 ticket each to play. Tickets can be purchased from Felicity Hopkinson at the entrance for &&&&&&&&&&&&+400 A$1 each. All games (besides the lucky dip machine) are multiplayer, meaning they can be played with a friend or a volunteer provided by the museum. One tessera is rewarded for winning a game.

In the northwest corner, there is a dunking game. You can aim the provided bread projectile before throwing it at the target in an attempt to dunk your partner into a tank of water. Do not enter misportals into the dunking tank as you will be trapped there and drown.

In the southwest corner, there is a strength game. You can swing a mallet and try to hit your partner into the ceiling.

In the southeast corner, there is pie toss game. You can throw a pie at your partner.

In the northeast corner, one can cash out their tesserae for rewards by putting them in the tray and claim [prize] <number> from the obscured attendant. This room also contains a lucky dip machine. For one ticket you can take your chances and try to pull out a tessera, though you may pull other unexpected items out!


1. A Dwarfish misfortune cookie, which costs one tessera.
2. A non-combat cream pie, which costs two tesserae.
3. A bottle of genuine imitation Dwarf lager, which costs two tesserae.
4. A Dwarf bread museum keyring, which costs three tesserae.
5. A Dwarf bread museum T-shirt, which costs four tesserae.
6. A standard close combat loaf, which costs eight tesserae.
7. A two-handed bread stick, which costs ten tesserae.