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Dust Devil
Ritual information
Nickname ?
Deities all
Available to followers of None
GP cost 50/75/100/...
Components holy symbol
Required powers speech, movement
Learned At
Resisted By
Type Offensive
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help

Dust Devil is a priest ritual that summons a dust devil, a type of minion that assists you in combat.


This ritual is not performed on anything, and costs 50 gp if you're not controlling any minions already. If you are controlling other minions, it costs an extra 25 gp per minion you're controlling.

It requires the powers of speech and movement.


This ritual uses faith.rituals.misc.area (in the first stage) and faith.rituals.offensive.area (in the second stage). Both skills affect the size, hitpoints, and offensive abilities of the devils. Devils' defensive abilities seem to be constant.

Both skills affect the number you can summon, and the two stages seem to be of similar difficulty in this regard.


Performing messages


You raise your hands, and swirl them about.
You speak the holy word of Sandelfon.


The wind picks up a bit and starts swirling.  Dust and debris in the area come together to form a colossal whirlwind of dust.


You try to gain control of a dust devil but the necessary concentration eludes you.

At failure, you'll lose the dust devils you had so far:

The additional strain overwhelms you and a gigantic whirlwind of dust, a humongous whirlwind of rubbish, two unbelievably large whirlwinds of dust and an unbelievably large whirlwind of rubbish slip away from your control.

What others see

Details needed.

Dust devils

Dust devils will assist you in combat, attacking whatever you attack. Killing while using a dust devil will somewhat reduce the xp you get from killing.

The material they're composed of varies widely, and depends on where they're summoned (and possibly the weather where they're summoned). Devils made of certain materials can have different-looking attacks, although it's not clear whether these do a different amount of damage than normal attacks.research


Dust devil size seems to be a rough indicator of offensive abilities and/or hitpoints. The sizes are (incomplete):

  • large
  • huge
  • gigantic
  • colossal
  • enormous
  • humongous

If you summon multiple devils, their size goes down as you summon more.


A dust devil tends to last from around five to seven minutes or so, if it's not dismissed or killed. This appears to depend on your faith.rituals.offensive.area bonus, as well as how many minions you're already controlling.

You can extend this duration by feeding them enough gp at once:

Forms of syntax available for the command 'feed':
feed <positive number> {gp|gps|guild points} [to] <minion> 
feed <minion> fully 


It looks like this when they leave:

The <size> whirlwind of <material> slows its twirling as it prepares to depart.
[several seconds pass]
The <size> whirlwind of <material> says to you: It is time forr me to go.
The <size> whirlwind of <material> dissipates into nothingness.


If you are already controlling a dust devil and try to summon another one, there is a skillcheck at each stage of the ritual: misc.area for the first stage, and offensive.area for the second stage. If you fail either skillcheck, the dust devils you're already controlling will dissipate. These skillchecks seem to be similar in difficulty, and get harder the more dust devils you're controlling.

As a rough guide, with no other ritual modifiers and controlling only dust devils:

  • Bonuses of 204 in both skills let you succeed at summoning at least one dust devil about 83% of the time, and summon a second devil about 13% of the time.
  • Bonuses of 250 let you summon at least one dust devil about 98% of the time, at least two dust devils about 94% of the time, and a third dust devil about 4% of the time.
  • Bonuses of 270 let you summon at least one dust devil about 100% of the time, at least two dust devils about 89% of the time, and a third dust devil about 27% of the time.
  • Bonuses of 302-303 let you summon at least one dust devil about 100% of the time, at least two dust devils about 96% of the time, and a third dust devil about 69% of the time.
  • Bonuses of 349-350 let you summon at least two dust devils about 100% of the time, at least three dust devils about 99% of the time, and a fourth dust devil about 6% of the time.

Controlling other minions also makes it harder to summon additional dust devils, but there is no data on whether the effect is different depending on what type or types of minions you're controlling.research


When the ward is triggered, a dust devil is summoned. The devil follows and will obey the victim.


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