The Mended Drum

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The Mended Drum, Ankh-Morpork's heartbeat, is conveniently unmissable at the northern end of Short Street. It is most famous for being the spawning location for all new players who choose Ankh-Morpork as their starting city.


  • Well-known meeting place
  • Easy access to many services, smithy, general store, light shop, player shops
  • If you start a fight at the drum, a large troll will move you to the room near the entrance of the drum.
    • This is a bar brawl zone and random drunkards as well as Hrun, Stren Withel and the Splatter and even other players might get involved in your fight intentionally or by accident.
    • Lower-level players will be thrown out of the bar brawl.
    • Also, random items from corpses and on the floor can be thrown at you or you could trip over npcs and other players, which can damage your health. Attackers beware!
  • You can wash yourself in the bathroom to remove fleas.
  • There might be an Animal Trainer with his animals doing a show at night on the small stage. If you attack him, he will immediately flee with his animals.
  • Drinking games
  • Scumble
  • Green Slab and AM Daily newspaper boxes
  • Bulletin board (frog)
  • Playing darts (with chance to TM fighting.range.thrown)
    • practice darts in the main bar; or
    • play darts if you want to challenge another player to a game
    • throw dart (you get three)
  • Showing off (with chance to TM adventuring.movement.climbing.rock)
    • climb up at the main entrance to the Drum
    • climb up, climb west, or climb down if you make it to the first floor
  • More showing off (with chance to TM adventuring.acrobatics.balancing)
    • move west once you have climbed to the roof

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