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Dodging is the means of defence by which an the defender avoids an incoming physical attack by moving out of the way.


Dodging can only be used to avoid physical attacks, thus it is useless against magic.

Dodging can be used to avoid either a melee attack or a ranged attack; if successfully executed then the defender takes no damage.

In order to dodge, tactics-response must be set to either 'neutral' or 'dodge'.


There are two factors associated with dodging:

  • How likely is an incoming attack to be dodged?
  • How many action points does dodging an attack cost?

These are addressed below:

Chance of dodging

A character's basic chance of dodging an incoming attack is determined by a skillcheck of their fighting.defence.dodging skill against the relevant weapon skill of the attacker (eg. fighting.melee.sword or fighting.range.thrown).

This chance is then modified by the following factors specific to the defender's dodging[1]:

  • There is a penalty to dodging in direct proportion to the degree of burden of the defender. It's hard to leap out of the way of an attack in time when you're lugging a lot of equipment about.
  • Additionally, there is a further penalty based on burden if your burden level is more than twice your dexterity stat. This is a considerably more dramatically increasing penalty than the one above, and is best avoided.
  • There is a minor bonus to dodging proportional to the weight of the attacker's weapon (heavier weapons are slower, thus easier to dodge).

Action point cost

The action point cost of dodging starts at a constant base level, and is then modified as follows:


For the duration of spellcasting or hedgehog, a player's tactics-response used to be forced to 'dodge'.

This is no longer the case [1][2] - the caster will attempt to dodge, parry or block incoming attacks as their settings specify in their tactics.

Defend and riposte

Defend and riposte are incompatible with dodging; if a player's response is set to 'dodge', they will be unable to perform either of these actions.

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  1. Note: Other bonuses and penalties also apply; this article only discusses ones directly related to dodging.