Djinn outpost

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Uncivil Endjineering

Deep within the Eritian Desert, the ever-shifting sands have uncovered a decades-old trail to a ruined and forgotten settlement.

Several of the beings within this settlement still live, going about their daily routines in service of long-departed masters. Others have survived but with a rather less cooperative disposition.

There are lots of new things to discover that I don't want to spoil, but I invite you to explore this new area and hope you have fun with it! Many items have an associated helpfile if you are not sure quite how they work, so trying 'help <object>' may be handy.

Huge thanks to Kake for their supervision on this and for writing lots of wonderful food descriptions. Thanks as well to Guildenstern for sprucing up some other descriptions on various shiny objects (which I will let you all discover for yourselves).



  • Shamir Stonecutter - A gems fence
  • Jassi the Inferno
  • Khambriya - the clothes merchant
  • Kuohid, who sells wishing lamps
  • Devious Sod - camel (doesn't seem to work as a fly to even if outside)


  • Willing well
  • A tannery that sells jewellery, scabbards, and weapons
  • A clothing store run by Khambriya
  • A lamp store run by Kuohid
  • A custom weapons store