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Djelibeybi quests

"Arms Dealer", in which you made a net contribution to the Djelian military. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Arms Dealer

Skills: Spoken Djelian, otherwise the quest will not end. EDIT: Djelian is not needed.
Go to the dormitory in the east side of Ephebe Gate and "search" under the bed to get a heavy iron key. This key will open the heavy iron door on the second floor of any of the gatehouses.  Put weapons on the rack in any of the gate armouries, worth a total of 20-22 talents (AM$100-110).  The number of weapons is irrelevant, only the value counts.  Note that the weapons disappear after you get the quest.

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"Competent Banisher", in which you sent a most pernicious and annoying fiend back where it belonged. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Competent Banisher

Skills: unknown bonus (approximately 20 levels worth?) magic.methods.spiritual.banishing
Items: iron amulet (from doing the MANSION quests in Ankh-Morpork), and a friend
Have your friend go to Merk's Place on Phoenix Street and summon a salt mephit for you.  When it appears "use" the amulet on it to banish it.

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"Crafty Deckhand", in which you fixed an unwelcome porthole. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Crafty Deckhand

Skills: 126+ crafts.carpentry.coopering bonus
Items: claw hammer and glue (tool shop on Ephebe Road)
Items: 8+ nails (odds and ends shop on east side of Plaza of the Broken Moons in Ankh-Morpork)
Go to the ship Morgan's Foil, reached from one of the docks on the north end of the harbour, and go down. There are sailors here that may attack you if they catch you doing what you're about to do, so either kill them, or wait until they leave (they do so occasionally). Then, you "pry board with hammer". Get two boards, then go to the ship Brazen Mermaid on one of the adjacent docks, and go down.  You should be able to see a hole in the side of the ship.  "repair" the hole with the hammer and board, twice.  Then "waterproof" the patch with the glue.

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"Crocodile Rocker", in which you exterminated a pest. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Crocodile Rocker

Skills: fighting.range.thrown. 146 bonus wasn't enough, but 165 bonus was.
Go to the bridge just past the north gate exit out of the city.  In the room on or immediately south of the bridge is a pile of rocks.  Get some rocks, go north to the middle of the bridge, and "drop" the rock on a crocodile.   You just need to hit one.

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"Distant Exhibitionist", in which you went the distance of displaying feelings. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Distant Exhibitionist

You need to do the SENTIMENTALIST quest, below, first.  Go to Daft Bugger on Market Street, and get the bucket.  Go southwest, west and fill the bucket from the well.  Go back to Daft Bugger and "scratch" her ear, drop the bucket, and tell her she's quite cute for a camel.  This will give you the ablity to remote.

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"Djelian Delicacy", in which you found the bait was switched. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Djelian Delicacy

Skills: 60 levels of other.language.djelian.spoken
Items: a pair of boots and a belt (the belts from the tannery in the harbor work)

Go to Gut Fishfryn on the Ptrip-Ptrap bridge leading north out of Djelibeybi.  Say "help" while wearing the boots and belt. If you're not wearing a belt, you'll fall but remain unharmed, but if you're not wearing the boots, you'll lose some Hp and your dex will drop by 2.  The boots need to be tough ones--hobnailed boots don't work but hard boots do.

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"Djelian Warrior Champion", in which you demonstrated great skill against a warrior while knee-deep in sand. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Djelian Warrior Champion

Skills: Guild Level 250, uber fighting abilities
"enter" the arena in the Djelian Guard headquarters near the palace and hit the gong.  Kill the opponent that appears without using magic or faith.  Note that this doesn't just apply to spells or rituals cast once the fight starts: you can't strike the gong if you have shielding, and the champion will storm out of the arena if you have minions assist or protect you.

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"Domestic Appeaser", in which you retrieved a stolen sapphire for a hen-pecked merchant. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Domestic Appeaser

Skills: 121+ adventuring.movement.climbing.rock bonus (empty hands, no shoes, low burden)
Walk along the north side of the cliffs southwest of Djelibeybi until you can climb up.  Search the boulders, and there might be a skeleton there.  Get the sapphire from the hand and go to the mansion on Ibis Parade.  Make sure that both Phin-lip and Ut-lat-khin are alive in the mansion, then give the sapphire to Phin-lip.  Lead him to Ut-lat-khin to get the quest.

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"Fluffy Nightbringer", in which you slipped a flighty creature into darkness. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Fluffy Nightbringer

Skills: 135-175 covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand bonus
On the eastern side of the garden in the Mansion on Ibis Parade, "search" under the bush and get the hood.  Go upstairs twice, to the hawks room.  Unhold everything and "hood" the hawk.  If you fail and it starts fighting you, you probably won't succeed while in combat with it.

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"Green Thumbed", in which you found and revitalised a secret garden. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Green Thumbed

Items: shears from Yclept, usually wandering around the park (I think stealing/killing him is the only way). Shears can also be bought from the toolshop on Ephebe Road.
Items: scythe (either the one from the Dinky quest or get one from a labourer)
Go to the northwest corner of the Pharaoh's Park where there's a bench, and search the bench to get a rusty key.
Go south then west while the key is in your inventory. Then weed path, trim hedge, go north, mow grass, and clean pond.

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"Keeper of Suspense", in which you helped a man keep his britches up. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Keeper of Suspense

Go to Gut Fishfryn on the Ptrip-Ptrap bridge leading north out of Djelibeybi and get the suspenders that he left on the bridge.  If they're not there, wait for him to catch them.  Find Lap-lip wandering around Djelibeybi, and give him the suspenders.

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"Light Reminiscence", in which you restored a Djelian light fitting to its former glory. (Quest level 5)

Discworld quest page for Light Reminiscence

Skills: 153+ bonus (expect to fail several times with this bonus), some to "fix" the chains.
Go northwest of Djelibeybi to the Lower Djel Trading Post by walking or taking the Djelibeybi/El Kinte Caravan. From the square, go northwest (hidden exit), and search the heaps until you find a wagon wheel and 3 iron chains. If the iron chains aren't available, you can buy them at many weapon shops. You need to bring the wheel to a woodworking shop where you are able to 'repair.' However, you aren't going to repair the wheel, you are going to drill holes in it (syntax drill). The wheel is heavy, but you don't have to have it in your inventory to work with it. 'Attach' the three chains to the wheel. You may need to fix them in a smithy if their condition is too bad. This should change the wagon wheel into a chandelier. Now you have to buy 6 red Wanobean candles from various 'light source' traders at the square at the Trading Post (the space where you have door exits to the north and west). If you can't understand Djelian enough to identify what the traders are listing for wares, just "buy red wanobean candle" until you have six. 'Put' the candles on the chandelier, bring the chandelier to the empty stable (west exit from square) and hang it on the hook. Light the chandelier and wait in the room for the quest. Enjoy :)

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"Mother's Helper", in which you rescued an important piece of origami for a bedraggled child. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Mother's Helper

Go to the hidden room in the northeast corner of Pharaoh's Park and "search reeds". Go two south to the lost child and give it the boat.

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"Peeping Ptom", in which you found a back way into a Djelibeybi establishment. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Peeping Ptom

Skills: 134 in adventuring.movement.climbing.rope
Items: knife
From the southeast corner of the west side of Pharaoh's Park, go south through a hidden exit.  "climb ivy", hold the knife, then "clear ivy" and "pry boards".  "rip material" and "clamber through hole". Note: Due to the shape of the west side of Pharaoh's Park, some may see "southeast" as being more "northeast". The name of the correct room is "[space behind a building and the park]".

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"Public Benefactor", in which you filled an empty space. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Public Benefactor

Go to the eastern end of the yard at Ptaclusp Associates off of Tsort Road and search the stock.  If you find a contraption, "pull hoist" then go west.  A statute of Hat should be in the room (if not come back later), then "lift statue with contraption".  Go the plinth outside the temple of Gufnork on Deity Lane and "lower statue with contraption".

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"Sentimentalist", in which you demonstrated a little control over expression. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Sentimentalist

Go to Ptepsi An in the Pharaoh's Palace and gaze lovingly at him, smile pragmatically, and wink fondly at him.  This will give you the ability to emote.

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"Turbaholic", in which you tied up loose ends. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Turbaholic

Items: DjToon 10.00
Go to the turban shop west of the centre of west Bazaar, and "request lesson".

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