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Warning.png WARNING: This is a dangerous zone you might find yourself unexpectedly thrown in to.

The Djelibeybi crocodile pit is what you will be thrown into if you broke the law in Djelibeybi (killed a cat, priest, or contractor npc) and are caught by some of the local priests. As one might expect, it is full of crocodiles.

This area is dangerous, with auto-attacking npcs, a barrier (rushes) that prevent leaving without passing a skillcheck and the whole pit is a no-portal/fly/passage zone. If you die in the pit your ghost can be moved to the bridge by Gut Fishfryn, but you can return by going "south, swim northwest, west" to godmother with your corpse out.

It does not necessarily have to be a death sentence, but probably will be if you are unprepared. Since priests in Djelibeybi may join fights and you could accidentally kill one of them or perhaps a cat with an AoE-Spell, knowing what exactly may await you for your transgressions before picking a fight in Djelibeybi may save you time, trouble, life and equipment.

On Sun Apr 2 2017 combat in water was changed to fix a bug that made attacks in water three times faster than on land. This actually helped strong players to be stronger. Now beings non-indigenous to water environment will have a penalty to combat in water, like in the crocodile pit, which makes it more dangerous. (See [1])

The crocodiles

The crocodile pit did not get its name from its shape and is almost always inhabited.

  • The crocodiles are quite strong and pose a serious risk.
  • There's usually at least 6 crocodiles in the centre room and 2 in surrounding rooms.
  • They sometimes wander between the rooms but they don't seem to follow.

Thrown to the crocodiles

This is how it might happen.

  1. A strapping young human criminal is caught by a priest, carried to the pit by an angry mob of priests and thrown in.
  2. He/she finds himself swimming in the muddy waters of the pit, where many crocodiles move aggressively toward him/her.
  3. Unable to get a second to think about the best course of action, let alone cry for help, the victim panics and tries to leave through an obvious exit. (Or if used to the old pit by climbing which won't work.)
  4. If the victim's skills are not sufficient, this does not work.
    1. First you need fighting.unarmed.grappling to push through the rushes, this is confirmed by mock, and testing shows that 201 is the minimum bonus that worked to escape.
    2. Second you need adventuring.movement.swimming to move between water rooms, a 189 bonus works most of the time at 35% burden.
  5. Desperate not to to be killed by crocodiles, the victim tries to leave by any and all exits. Going east or west is easier (just the swimming check) but there might be more/less crocodiles. Other directions require the grappling check.
  6. Trying to portal/fly/passage out fails.
  7. Something else to try?
  8. Victim dies in the pit. The ghost is fished by Gut Fishfryn and moved to the bridge.
  9. Victim returns by going "south, swim northwest, west" and can try to godmother really fast to get the corpse out.
  10. If everything fails call someone for help (refer rru). Keep in mind that it's not possible to drag corpses in the water. Going back in yourself with not enough grappling will leave you trapped again.

The Pit

The crocodile pit is a set of three rooms in the terrains in a line west of the bridge, the first room being down and west from Gut Fishfryn, who fishes from the south part of the Ptrip-Ptrap bridge above the river Djel northwest of the city of Djelibeybi. The victim is most likely thrown to the middle room.

How to get out

Please proceed with caution and look ahead in a direction to check for crocodiles before moving if there are no crocs in your current room

For individuals with a minimum bonus of 201 in fighting.unarmed.grappling, in order to escape the crocodile pit you need to push past the sharp rushes that form a barrier around it.

There does not appear to be any underwater rooms in new Djel delta terrains, nor is it required to climb to get down from the shore to the delta or back up to the shore, but you can climb off the bridge if you don't want to just go down from it. In fact, entering the water or moving to the shore does not seem to use gp or require any skills.

From the shore south of the river one can for example "swim north". This works for all directions. Once in the delta, it is possible to move in normal directions (with swimming checks between water rooms).

It is also possible to go up to the bridge and down from it, or to climb west/east from the bridge but this requires climbing skills, and you cannot climb back up to the bridge.

Moving between rooms with water requires swimming checks and the currents might move you around at low bonuses.

It is possible to "drift amongst the rushes" to hide in the crocodile rooms.

  • These are not the same rushes that prevent you leaving. For one thing, they're less sharp.
  • You cannot drift during combat. It wouldn't fool anyone.
  • This makes crocodiles ignore you while you're impersonating vegetation, but not for long, see next points.
  • You only stay hidden for one minute before the concealment ends.
  • After you're brought out of hiding in the near bullrushes you can't drift again for 5 seconds.


     ...........          b Ptrip-Ptrap bridge, north end of the
    .............                    Ptrip-Ptrap bridge
   ...............        # road, Djelibeybi road
  .nnnnn.........#.       F a farmstead
 .nnn^nnnn.....##.~~      ~ river Djel
 nnnnnnn^nn..##..~~~      n somewhere in the Necropolis
##nnnnnnnn###..~~~~~~     | cliffs
PP#######x..~~~~~~~~~     . plains
PPPPP~~~~~b~~~~~~~~~~     g garlic farm
~~~~~~~---@~~~~~~~~~~     - small section of the river Djel (Crocodile pit!)
PPP~~~~~~~#~~~~~~~~~~     m melon farm
PPPPPmmmmm#mmm#~~##~~     ^ pyramid
....mmmmmmm#m#m##mm#~     P water pasture
 .gggmmmmmmm#m******      * the city of Djelibeybi
 .Fggggggmmm#*******      @ Gut Fishfryn IV is fishing over the side here

The old pit

Filing cabinet.gif Old content for this page has been archived, and can be found at the following locations.
Djelibeybi crocodile pit/old

On Aug 12 2012 the old crocodile pit seems to have been removed and replaced by the Djel River Delta terrains west of the Djel bridge. (See [2])