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Djelian Guard HQ map by Kefka updated for Quow's Cow Bar


Although the Djelian Guard is much reduced in size since the glorious days of imperialism in centuries long past, a sizeable remnant is still housed in Djelibeybi. These loyal soldiers have all sworn their allegiance to Djelibeybi, even if there isn't much need to defend its borders anymore.


The headquarters of the Djelian Guard are located near the Palace in Djelibeybi, the premiere city of the desert continent Klatch.

Playing Style

The Djelian Guard is a very combat-focussed guild. This will appeal to some players, especially Numberchasers and other players who enjoy fighting with swords, maces, polearms and daggers while wearing bronze and leather armour and equipment more suited to a desert environment.

Djelian Guards have fighting.range.bow as part of their primary skills, however this is not recommended to advance as there are no usable bow and arrows in game.


Joining the guild is a fairly simple task, achieved by typing 'join' when you are in Ptrakti’s office in the Djelian Guard Headquarters.

Upon joining, he will give you a booklet detailing information about the Djelian Guard that you can read.


You can learn new commands and advance your skills from Hin-lop-heds who wanders around the back of the ground floor of the Djelian Guard Headquarters

Typing 'help here' will show you a list of commands you can use to learn and advance skills.

Type 'say teach me please' in this room to see if you can learn new commands.

Hin-lop-heds will greet all warriors with their rank and their guild.


The Djelian Guard Headquarters offers several services and special rooms on its 3 floors:

Ground floor

  • Ptrakti’s office where you can join the Djelian Guard.
  • A bulletin room with a bulletin board for warrior guild news and messages, type 'help board' when in this room to learn more. There is also a top ten table in this room.
  • The Djelian Guard smithy where you can fix tools, weapons and armours. You can also purchase items from Ipspor who is in this room.
  • A custom armour shop operated by Ug Ogg, you can also fix tools, weapons and armours in this room too.
  • A room with a weapons rack and a stone table. The weapons rack is the Djelian Guard newbie chest.
  • A duty room in which you can request to do escort duties which include guard, bodyguard and delivery missions.
    • However this room or the escort duties system is unfinished and thus can not be used properly as of this time.
    • The duty clerk also only responds to spoken Djelian and will only give escort duty missions to warriors.
    • You can type 'say information on escort duty' to learn about escort duties from the clerk if you speak Djelian.
  • The arena in the Hall of Warriors below the Hall of Warriors is the place to become a member of "The League of Ugizalizai".
    • Read the tablet in the arena for details.
    • Be aware that it is a combat to the death and that running afoul of the rules or trying to leave will incur the wrath of spectators, adding to your injuries.

Bottom floor

  • A training room with a wooden dummy which you can TM your combat-related skills
    • Type 'attack dummy' to start.
    • Limdul who is in this room, will also give you tips on tactics as you fight.
    • Anyone can use the training dummy, unless someone else is currently using it.
  • A room on the bottom floor with Htot-og and Bad Mother Crusher the camel where you can use the dodgem-yawow device.
    • Type 'use device' to start using it, however note that you might get knocked down and lose hp in the process.
    • This device can help TM fighting.defence.dodging.
    • Only members of the Warrior's guild can use this device.

Upper floor

  • Bar of Champions - The bar is reserved for champions who beat one of the champion in a duel to the death for membership in "The League of Ugizalizai".
    • If you are not a champion you cannot enter, as the guards stop you since you are not on their list.
    • Only one thing is apparently fit to be sold to champions, Klatchian beer, for &&&&&&&&&&&&+120 DjToon 0.60.

Newbie chest

The Djelian Guard's newbie chest is a weapons rack in the guard room at the north side from the anteroom in the Djelian Guard Headquarters.

  • There's also 6 bottles in the stone table in that room.

The rack can be accessed by Non-Djelian Guard warriors as well.

Items sold here

Ipspor sells a range of weapons and armour suitable for the new to intermediate-level warriors:

Things to Note

  • Ceremonial Guards and Ceremonial Sentries can be seen patrolling the Djelian Guard Headquarters, these are rather high-level npcs and should not be attacked if you are new or an intermediate-level player. Attackers beware!