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Djelibeybi map by Airk & Kefka updated for Quow's Cow Bar

Djelibeybi is the name of both the country and the major city.


The city is situated on the Djel river, which flows into the Circle Sea nearby to the east. Just to the east is the Djelibeybi Harbour, just to the north is the Necropolis, and a good ways to the west is the Lower Djel Trading Post. A ways to the southeast is Ephebe and the Chronides farmstead, and to the west is the Imtebos farmstead.

Language and currency

The language in Djelibeybi is Djelian, and the currency is the Toon.

Crime and Punishment

The killing of priests, cats, or local contractor npcs in Djelibeybi or the Lower Djelian Trading Post is punished by being thrown to the crocodiles. ("Followers" and "madmen" appear to not count as priests for this purpose.) Theft is punished by throwing the culprit into a random location in the nearby terrains. This is not usually particularly dangerous, although there's always the possibility of being thrown into a room with a rogue bull elephant or something similarly aggressive.

Additionally, an NPC called Nmad'Ho in Ankh-Morpork will attack criminals of Djelibeybi. It may just be for killing cats, priests, or npcs, not theft.

Other Hazards

Warriors and soldiers will--after a short delay--join in fights to protect other npcs in the room. Mercenaries may, as well, though they require payment first.

The Hood contains some npcs who may attack (including ambushing) without provocation. They do not appear to attack everyone.  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 


There is a player council in Djelibeybi.


In the approximate centre of the city is the Bazaar. The Avenue of the Pharaohs runs straight north-south from the Square of Ancestors at the north end to a gate out of the city at the south end, bisecting the the Bazaar and the city itself. A wall, which you can get on top of, goes around all but the middle north of the city, and there are gates (leading into the city and allowing access to the wall) on the east edge, the south edge, the west edge, and the northwest corner.


The Djelibeybi Caravan, the International Express carriage, and the El Kinte Caravan stop in Djelibeybi, at the north end of the Avenue of the Pharaohs. The witch caravan travels around the city.

The West Circle Sea Ferry is found at the harbour.


All real estate here is sold through the real estate office just west of the northwest corner of the bazaar. Property may only be bid on by citizens, and shops in particular may only be bid on by representatives of the council.

Pkara Stainmaster, Ptarquet Shazam, and Ptyler Stonecutter are Djelibeybi's contractor npcs.

Player housing

Player housing is scattered throughout Djelibeybi.

Player shops

There are two player shops, the bank located on the east edge of the bazaar, and the Vulgar Unicorn just off the northwest corner of the bazaar.


The following facilities can be found in Djelibeybi:

  • The Palace (houses the Djelibeybi Council as well as non-guild boards and family/club services) just north of the Square of Ancestors.
  • A vault on Scarab Walk, north and east of the bazaar.
  • A smithy on Scarab Walk, north and east of the bazaar.
  • A school where you can get lessons in various languages, on the east edge of the bazaar.
  • A bank on the north edge of the west bazaar.
  • A smithy for jewellery on the north edge of the east bazaar.
  • A post office on Phoenix Road just east of the northeast corner of the bazaar.
  • A messenger service further east along Phoenix Road.
  • A Morporkian embassy and money changer on Lettuce Lane, west of the southwest corner of the bazaar.
  • An Ephebian embassy, money changer, and bath just east of the Square of Ancestors.
  • The Embalmers' Guild just west of the northwest corner of the bazaar, where you can get corpses embalmed.
  • A retrophrenologist on Ephebe Road on the southeast edge of the city.
  • A raise location in Sessifet's temple on Temple Street.
  • A shrine to the Small Gods (hidden) - includes a shrine which will provide a bless if your alignment is good enough, takes a while to reset after attempted use
  • The following bulletin boards are available:
  • Component herbs to be found:
    • Belladonna - southwest corner of mansion garden
    • Hemlock - southwest corner of mansion garden
    • Ivy seed - vines in various rooms throughout the park
  • Culinary herbs to be gathered in the park - Marjoram, Methi, Sumac
  • Culinary spices to be gathered in the palace gardens - Aniseed, Cloves
  • Other plants to be gathered - Blackberries, Figs


Assassins' guild

West of the city in the cliffs are the Hashishim, an assassin specialization. Their public inhumation office is in the city itself, in the Hood.

Priests' Guild

Temples to Gufnork and Gapp are located on Deity Lane, running west from the northwest corner of the Bazaar. Temples to Fish, Hat, and Sek are located on Temple Street, going west from its intersection with Avenue of the Pharaohs. And finally, a temple to Sandelfon is located on Tsort Road, on the northwest corner of the city.

Thieves' Guild

The local branch of the Thieves' Guild is located on Sickle Street in the east of the city, through a hidden exit.

Warriors' Guild

Witches' Guild

A travelling caravan, which serves as the Klatchian branch of the Witches' Guild, travels around the city.

Wizards' Guild

The Institute of Illusory Learning on the Avenue of the Pharaohs is the local Wizards' Guild, with a library, a shop, and a practice area.

Custom shops

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