Divine Hand

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Divine Hand
Ritual information
Deities Pishe Gufnork Gapp Sandelfon Fish Hat Sek
GP cost 100 + 50 per passenger
Components holy symbol
Required powers Movement Speech
Learned At 150 levels faith.rituals.misc.target
Skills faith.rituals.misc.target
Resisted By n
Angers? n
Type Miscellaneous
Steps 3
Targets objects
Description Moves you across the Disc
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Divine Hand is a priest ritual used to transport the priest, and anyone following, to another location. It's also known as passaging, as it was the original name for the ritual.


This ritual costs 100 gp, plus an additional 50 gp for each person who is following you. It is performed on at item you have previously performed Remember Place on.

It requires the powers of speech and movement.



This ritual uses faith.rituals.misc.target.


The ritual is performed on an item which you have previously performed Remember Place on. Unlike blorples, remembered items can't be used by anyone other than the priest who remembered the place on it.

Performing messages


It seems slightly easier to perform divine hand because you are near a sacred shower.
You say a prayer over a copper cabbage charm.
You attempt to visualise the place that you remembered.
You pray to Pishe to grant you the means to travel there.


You meditate on the glory of Pishe before vanishing.

What others see

Brother Hugi says a prayer over a silver dog charm.
Brother Hugi meditates on something for a while.
Brother Hugi prays to Hat for something.
Brother Hugi looks devout for a moment before slowly fading from view.


The ritual transports you, and anyone who is following you, to a passage room. Upon exiting the passage room, you will be at your destination.

Most pursuers will not be able to follow you into a passage room, but Ryattenoki and Noobie will.

Passage rooms

Each deity has a unique passage room, and each one has a different method of exiting it--although Hattians can sometimes end up in non-Hattian passage rooms.

Passage rooms aren't shared; you can stay in your passage room for as long as you like without seeing anybody other than whoever you brought in with you.

Passage rooms persist for as long as there's somebody in them, and the one performing the ritual can exit separately from any passengers they brought along. If you log out in a passage room, you'll be at the destination point when you log in again.

Any items and corpses left in a passage room will drop out into the destination room once everyone has exited. Any items buried in a passage room, however, are gone forever once everyone has exited.

Things you can't do in a passage room:

Things you can do in a passage room:


A Divine Hand ward, when triggered, will transport the thief to the location where the ward was set. It may also transport them to the freezer of the Butcher's Guild.


There are some things that can prevent you from passaging or being passaged, apart from being in a no-portal zone:

  • The Celestial Anchor ritual will stop you from passaging, and it will stop Divine Hand wards from affecting you.
  • If you have been walking on broken legs and are consequently too weak to move, you will not be able to passage.
  • You cannot passage out of the Endless Halls maze.
  • You cannot passage out of a Stasis or Holy Sanctuary sphere.

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