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The McSweeney Estate in Bes Pelargic contains a distillery. The equipment there can be used to create alcoholic beverages.

This involves placing the appropriate ingredients into the vat and then going through the appropriate processes - e.g. cooking, sieving, fermenting and distilling - to create the beverage. Ingredients and processes vary between beverages. So far, the recipes for vodka and scumble are known.

With the addition of horses, the recipe for Turpentine was also added.

Skills used

Where it is done

At the time of writing, distilling can only be done in the McSweeney Estate, Bes Pelargic. The distillery is located in the conservatory, behind a locked door. The key for this door can be found in the conservatory if one looks around at some of the features.


All the equipment needed to process the ingredients can be found on McSweeney Estate.

Vat (vodka and scumble) - Located inside the distillery. All the stages of producing beverages occur in this object. It can be treated like a normal container capable of containing liquids, but you can also 'add' ingredients to it for them to mix properly.

Sink (vodka only) - Located inside the distillery. Used as a water source/container, and can be used to pump water directly into the vat by the gallon.

Thresher (vodka only) - Located inside the tack room of the stables. Used to strip stalks of wheat, producing wheat berries.

Grinder (vodka only) - Located inside the distillery. Used to grind wheat berries, producing wheat flour.

Juicer (scumble only) - Located inside the distillery. Used to juice applies, producing apple juice.

Bottles (optional) - Located inside the distillery (on shelf) or BYO container. Can be used to transfer/contain liquid ingredients at various stages of the process, and of course to take home the result.

Pipette (optional) - Can be purchased from the Assassins' Guild lab shop in Ankh-Morpork. Can be used to separate different types of liquids in the same container, useful if you mix things up by accident or produce some water while distilling.

How it is done


Vodka requires water (can be obtained from the sink in the distillery) and wheat (can be gathered along the path near the birdhouse and back door of the estate). It is quite easy to make, and can be done with culinary skill bonuses of ~150.

  1. Pour or pump water into the vat. Two pints of water can produce approximately two cups of vodka.
  2. Gather wheat, thresh it into wheat berries, grind the berries into wheat flour. The palm command can be used to manipulate large piles of berries/flour easily.
  3. Add (not put) the wheat flour into the vat to fully mix with all the water in the vat, resulting in raw wheat mash. It takes approximately seven handfuls of wheat flour per pint of water.
  4. Cook the contents of the vat, taking care to check the vat from time to time. Crafts.culinary.cooking is used to not ruin it.
  5. Once cooked, sieve away the solids inside the vat to leave you with raw wheat wort.
  6. Ferment the raw wheat wort inside the vat. This uses crafts.culinary.brewing.
  7. Distill the fermented wheat wort. This uses crafts.culinary.distilling.


Scumble requires marsh water (can be gathered in the marshland a ways west of Gloomy Forest) and Lancre Blackheart apples (can be purchased on Fast Lane in Ankh-Morpork or gathered from an orchard in Blackglass). It is more difficult to produce than vodka, requiring higher bonuses. A bonus of 218 in crafts.culinary.brewing is required. The same bonus for vodka in crafts.culinary.distilling (about 150) seems to work for Scumble as well, and therefore crafts.culinary.brewing is the main limiting factor.

Marsh water and juice from Lancre Blackheart apples must be poured into the vat in the correct ratio (with the right skills this should be about 1:1). You will receive an error about not knowing any recipe with those ingredients if you do not have the water and juice ratio correct.

When the ratio is correct, the mixture can be fermented and then distilled to produce scumble.

If your skills are not high enough in brewing and you try to ferment it, you will START the fermenting process, but afterwards nothing will happen to the mixture inside.


1. Go to distillery at Mcsweeney Estate.
2. Add water to vat.
3. *ADD* balls of congealed sap to water in vat until you get liquid sap. (Note: ADD do *not* PUT. Put will not work. Trust me on this. You end up with intact balls of sap floating in the water as opposed to liquid sap. You can get balls from vat if this happens and correctly *add* after though.)
2. Distill contents of the vat
3. Fill a bottle from the vat

See Also

An in-game guide to the process can be found in the pantry of the McSweeney Estate kitchens.

Tue Fluffy Panda who resides in the distillery responds to certain keywords relating to the process.

The vodka process is described in Issue 93 of the AM Daily.