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Welcome to the Discworld MUD Wiki's Community Portal!

The wiki has a few resources for editors, starting with the General Formatting page guidelines. As a community our emphasis is focused simply getting the information down, but we offer the guidelines for those who find them a way to ease their editor's anxiety or for those completely unfamiliar with wiki markup.

The meta Discworld MUD Wiki category is also a useful resource, containing wiki-specific information such as templates and example pages.

Discworld MUD sites

Feel free to add working Discworld MUD sites or links to archived versions. Over the years there's been many sites about Discworld MUD. Unfortunately, many sites eventually disappear, possibly archived on the waybackmachine.

Official Disworld MUD
Probably recently updated sites
Older sites not changed in some time that might contain outdated information but that should still exist (if it doesn't exist, move to the next section)
Archived sites, sites that are broken or that disappeared (might contain very outdated information)

Please note that archived sites might not be perfect. Some pages are lost.

Other Games Where You'll Find Discies

Other Links