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The DiscworldTTS scripts & soundpack for the VipMud Client and the Discworld MUD online game
TTS = Text To Speech... the key to success for blind and low vision MUD gamers!

The installation files contain sounds and script files intended for use with the VIP MUD Client. They were specifically designed to work in concert with the Discworld MUD game server. The goal is to expand the client performance to better provide an accessible and enjoyable game playing experience. Using an extensive collection of sounds and providing players the ability to better control their gaming environment, this system allows us to keep track of what is happening and focus on having fun.

Issues With Windows v8.1

Several issues have been introduced with the release of W8 and VipMud is not alone in attempting to overcome them before W10 brings more. File protection, especially within the Program Files directory, is known to prevent VipMud from functioning as you might expect. The manufacturer of VipMud has suggested users reconfigure settings and transfer common files into your User Documents directory. Detailed instructions for how to accomplish this process can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/blindjamesspencer/home/vipmud/configurevipmud1


VipMud Features:

  • Because the VipMud client can link directly to your screan reader software, scripts can use a combination of speech and sound to keep players far better informed than any simple sound trigger system.
  • VipMud can directly access your text to speech engine's settings for advanced speech functionality

Script Features:

  • Popup windows for captured chat messages with seperat private chat, public channel and group windows to display with a single hotkey
  • Advanced functions for your talker
  • Capture lengthy web addresses directly to your clipboard
  • Dozens of fun & exciting sounds to keep players informed
  • A volume controls system to keep your sounds at just the right level
  • Choose groups of sounds to switch on and off as you like
  • A NumPad navigation system to get you there quicker
  • A slow walk system to trace over the same old ground one step at a time
  • Tools to simplify common game activities
  • Edit utility options in easy to use popup windows
  • Choose which if any spammy activities & spammy pets to ignore
  • Skip over speaking spammy spells & rituals as you like
  • And nothing is ever hidden from you, its just better prioritized


Visit [| the source of the Discworld TTS for VipMud soundpack for downloads and installation instructions]

DiscworldTTS Options Menu

Use Alt+O to bring up the DiscworldTTS Options Menu.

Playing Sounds

Playing of sound effect files is centralized, in that all scripts in this package rely on a single alias to manage the playing of sounds. This allows for a basic mute system and volume control for all sounds. Sounds mute control is in the script options menu (ALT+O)

Use Alt+arrow keys to control volume.

Sound volume explained:
  If a script calls for a sound to be plaied at 100% volume, and the sound effects volume is set to 50%, the file will play at 50% of its recorded volume. Were the script calling for 50% playback, the sound effect volume would still decrease that by 50% and the file would play at 25% of recorded volume. The effect is to simply reduce the overall playback of sound effects by an easily managed amount.

In the event that a script calls for a sound file not included in your sounds directory, a message will appear in the VipMud error window defining the required file path.

You may choose to prevent missing sound file errors by either: 1. place a sound file at the required file path or 2. Disable the associated sound effects group

Mute Sound Effects

The sound effects menu allows you to turn on and off the playing of sounds by related groups of sound triggers known as "classes". You can choose to toggle classes on and off individually or you can mute the playing of all sound effects entirely. Some classes of sound triggers are specific to a region or city within the game. If the number of these sound triggers should grow to such an extent that your client becomes over-worked in trying to parse server input, turning off some of these classes would reduce your client workload. Given the speed of most computers, however, this is wishful thinking.

Gag Classes

  The gag classes menu allows you to manage a list of event triggers lumped together in groups specific to common pets and chatty merchants and other commonly spammy things around the Discworld. setting one of these classes to gag events will prevent your client from speaking those messages aloud. The text will still appear on your screen, but in a much quieter way. It is expected that this section will keep expanding as long as there are spammy wombles left to ignore. 
 Please note that it is entirely possible (proper, in fact) that the same events may be both gagged and producing sounds simultaniously.

Hitpointer Script

The "hitpointer.set" script parses the standard output from a "score brief" command and displays your stats in an easier to read syntax. This feature is available with or without your combat monitor being enabled. The ingame monitor option has now made this function obsolete, since the same grately reduced text can be achieved with proper configuration of your monitor syntax.

These additional commands are made available by the hitpointer.set script:

  • Health Points report
  Syntax: hp
  gives your last recorded HP and max HP alone
  • Experience Points report
  Syntax: xp
  gives your last recorded XP alone
  • Burden report
  Syntax: bp
  gives your last recorded rate of burden alone

Communications Script

The "communications.set" script captures all incoming private, public, and group messages. Besides indicating each type of message event with different sounds, the messages themselves may be recorded so they can be reviewed later. Although the in-game talker simply allows us to turn channels on and off, this script allows us to mute talker channels so messages from some channels are not spoken aloud. Each type of messages, including those previously muted, can be displayed in a popup window to be reviewed when we are ready. This can be especially useful when we find ourselves members of fast moving groups and our friends still insist on chatting in the middle of combat.

 The names of all players sending you a private tell are automatically appended to your #Tab autocomplete list. Simply type the first couple of letters in a player name, and use Alt+Space to cycle through a list of entries in your list. Use Control+Alt+Space to append a highlighted word or words to the list. 

Note: although the following commands extend the functionallity of the standard "talker" command, all game server talker commands remain unaffected

These additional commands are made available by the communications.set script:

  Syntax: TALKER MUTE <Channel Title>
  adds channel to list of talker channels to be skipped by the screen reader
  Syntax: TALKER UNMUTE <Channel Title>
  Removes channel from list of channels to be skipped by the screen reader
  displays list of channels being skipped by the screen reader

URL Grabber

In the VipMud client, we cannot simply click a link to open a web browser. With this script, however, we can copy and paste a URL into an open web browser (or anywhere) with accuracy. The "urlgrabber.set" script can automatically capture web addresses from talker channels, private tells, and group tells. The URLs are recorded to a list by session and can be displayed in a popup menu. Once selected from a list, the URL is coppied to your clipboard. With that, you can paste the URL directly into a web browser to open the link. See the Discworld Options Menu for URL capturing settings.

This additional command is made available by the "urlgrabber.set" script:

Activity Modes

  From the DiscworldTTS Options Menu, with the select activity mode listing, you can enable 1 of many activity modes. Each mode has its own hotkey help which can be displayed with Control+H. 
  Each activity mode requires its own variables setup to be called with Control+F4 while the mode is enabled. These variables can be customized, but remember to check "keep variables" in your MUD Character List. If your character is not set to keep them each restart will refresh variables to their script values. 
 Once your tools and/or activity related items are in place, you can use function keys to complete portions of a specific task such as cutting appliques, sewing appliques and building quilts from those appliqued blocks. All the ttedium of keeping track of spools, blocks,, books, needles and thread are packed neatly into the reliable structure of simple aliases. 

Achievements Script

Achievements may be announced to you as others reach their goals. If you have your server options set to show you achievement notices, a scripted trigger will offer you the choice to congratulate the player and/or review details of that achievement. A reminder is spoken with each new achievement notice, and the commands are kept active for a few minutes before the details of the last achievement fade away.

These additional commands are made available by the "achievements.set" script:

  • Congratulate the Achiever:
  Syntax: "ac"
  Sends a congratulations message to the player who last achieved a goal
  • Review Achievement Details:
  Syntax: "ad"
  Displays details for the achievement last reached

Group Shields

The "groupshields.set" script allows you to display your group's shields status in a popup menu. Each member and their different types of shielding are shown. Where the expected CCC & TPA shield listings can be selected to attempt to cast the appropriate spell on that group member.

These additional commands are provided by the "groupshields.set" script:

  • Capture group shields status
  Syntax: gsl
  calls a quiet "group shields" command to record current status of group members
  • Display group shields menu
  Syntax: gsm
  opens a popup window with output from the earlier "gsl" command, showing group shields status

Additional Commands

  • Shield Dropper Report:
  Syntax: sd
  tells who was last to drop their major shield
  • Shielding the Shield Dropper:
  Syntax: sdc
  Casts TPA on last to drop their major shield
  • Version report:
  Syntax: version
  speaks the version and release date of your current script package.

Contacting Project Maintainers


The scripts package was created and is maintained by blind.james.spencer, blind.james.spencer@gmail.com (Ingame Contact: Fuzzle Badgereye)

Project Maintainers

  • Fuzzle Badgereye, blind.james.spencer@gmail.com

Maintainers Wanted: anyone willing and able to continue with development of the soundpack is welcome to post their contact info here. Even if you only feel able to offer ingame assistance, any help is appreciated.

Reporting Bugs

Any issues, requests, complaints, and bug reports must be sent to the above maintainers'. Email contact is best. Ingame conversations are welcome, but important details will be quickly forgotten.

Known bugs and other issues will be posted to the project website: (pending)