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Musical instruments Information
Type Wind
Tuneable No
Mallet No
To play, must be... Held
Size unknown
Weight 1 lb
Material Wood
Other None


The didgeridoo is an instrument native to EcksEcksEcksEcks. A long piece of hollowed eucalyptus wood, it is played by simply blowing into the end in a manner known as circular breathing. It has been decorated with complex, flowing native patterns creating something that is not only an instrument, but also a work of art.

Where Found

Public area

  • None


  • None




Bonus Range Message
207 You play something that sounds like ducks fighting on your didgeridoo.
202-220 You blow sharply into your didgeridoo, creating a brief resonance.
202 You play a brief wavering tone on your didgeridoo.
202-219 You play a brief, resonating note on your didgeridoo.
202-220 Blowing steadily into your didgeridoo, you produce a long, resonating note.


Bonus Range Message
207-220 You perform a solo lacking in creativity and, indeed, melody on your didgeridoo.
220 A discordant noise sounds from the didgeridoo as you perform a solo on it.


Bonus Range Message
207-220 You play your didgeridoo, serenading <target> with a boring and unimaginative tune.
220 You timidly serenade <target> on your didgeridoo with a simple yet appealing tune.
220 You serenade <target> with a rather monotonous tune on your didgeridoo.

Other Information

  • No other information is available.